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Biden’s inflation party falls flat, Tuberville’s stock trade scrutiny and more on Alabama Politics This Week …

Radio talk show host Dale Jackson and 256 Today CEO Mecca Musick take you through Alabama’s biggest political stories, including:

  • Why did President Joe Biden throw a party celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act?
  • Should members of Congress be able to trade stocks and has U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) done anything wrong?
  • Is every town a bordertown?

Talk 99.5’s Tim Melton joins the show to discuss school choice’s failure to pass, how frustration with school issues hasn’t led to local energy in Alabama and everything else happening in Alabama politics this week.

Jackson closes the show with a “Parting Shot” at U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) who is bringing up an abortion bill with no chance of passing and making it an issue in the midterms.


Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 5-9 a.m. weekdays on WVNN and on Talk 99.5 from 10 a.m. to noon.

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