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Bentley Advisor Angi Horn Smith in 140 Characters or Less

Angi Horn Smith Governor Robert Bentley Yellowhammer Politics
Angi Horn Smith with Governor Bentley

“…In 140 Characters or Less” is a new feature on Yellowhammer Politics. We’ll be interviewing politicians, insiders, activists and other notable figures — with the catch being that their answers must be in 140 characters or less. When possible, we conduct the interviews in real-time on Twitter — then post them on YH when they’re complete. (Follow us on Twitter)

Today, we tweeted with Governor Bentley’s political aide Angi Horn Smith. Angi has been with the Governor for years and is one of the Governor’s closest advisors. Angi joined us today to discuss her time in politics, working with the Governor, what it’s like being one of the few female political operatives in the state, and more.