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BB gun-loving 10-year-old Alabamian takes on his city hall to change city code

(Video Above: 10-year-old Logan Robbins took on Alabaster City Hall to defend his 2nd Amendment rights)

ALABASTER, Ala. — A young BB gun enthusiast took on Alabaster City Hall earlier this month after his mother told him shooting BB guns in his yard was illegal. Logan Robbins, the BB gun wielding 10-year-old, rolled up his sleeves and took his cause straight to the top where he pitched his request that the city’s ordinance concerning BB guns be changed.

ABC 33/40 reports, that Logan confronted council members with concrete evidence citing BB gun facts and safety regulations required so that him and other BB gun owning members of the community could use their pellet rifles on their own property.

“The average velocity of a BB is 390 to 590 feet per second,” Logan told council members. “The ordinance states you can shoot if you have 20 acres or more. Based on the velocity per second, I feel a half acre is enough. I also think requiring eye protection is appropriate like wearing a helmet while riding a bike.”

City Manager George Henry told reporters that Robbins had good ideas and proposed well-thought out solutions.

“Very impressed for such a young person to have articulated both the issue, researched solutions and could make a presentation to a group of adults better than many adults could,” said Henry.

“Oh I just use it for target practice and one day I hope I can get into a competition and win first place,” Logan told ABC 33/40.

After the pitch, city council members praised Robbins for bringing up the possible revisions to the Alabaster City Code. “I think that’s going to speak volumes to likely some upcoming revisions that will now be considered,” said Henry.

The Alabaster City Council will have to consider Robbins’s proposal. The majority of their concerns are not with City Code, but with the responsibility of other children in the community. Although Robbins shows tremendous responsibility and maturity, council members say that overall public safety needs to remain a top priority.

Successful or not, Logan tells ABC 33/40 that he still has plans for the future.

“I’m thinking about congressman but for right now I don’t know.”

One thing is for sure, keep an eye out for the 10-year-old, BB gun toting, future congressman from Alabaster, AL.


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