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Alabama’s Snowmageddon 2014 through the eyes of those who are living it

The view off my back porch
The view off my back porch

Although the snow and ice was supposed to get pretty nasty down in South Alabama, folks in central and north Alabama were having visions of a “light dusting” that would be just enough to have some fun, but not too much to cause serious issues.


Even legendary weatherman James Spann was forced to abandon his vehicle on the side of the road and trek the rest of the way to his station on foot.

Fortunately for us, Spann is one of Twitter’s most prolific users. He’s been retweeting a ton of pictures from Alabamians across the state as they try to make their way home through SNOWMAGEDDON 2014!

We’ll continue updating this post as more interesting photos come in through social media. Want to get your picture added? Tweet us @YHPolitics.

Alabama State Rep. Jim McClendon's horses
Alabama State Rep. Jim McClendon’s horses

(Above: Video from Cahaba Heights in Birmingham)

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