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Alabama Sen. Doug Jones is an enemy of the unborn

Well, that didn’t take long.

Twenty-six days.

That’s all it took from between the time Doug Jones was sworn in as a United States Senator to the time he blew his re-election chances by casting one of the most disgusting, cruel and cowardly votes in the history of that chamber.

Jones joined dozens of Democrats in voting down a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the point when an overwhelming amount of evidence shows an unborn child can feel pain from the gruesome procedure.

The result: The United States remains one of only seven nations that allows abortion after that well-developed point in the pregnancy.

Get smart: If you don’t know what a baby looks like at 20-weeks, here’s a video of one seen via an MRI scan:


Jones is now on record as officially believing that it should remain legal to kill that child for any reason and at any time.

Of course, Jones told us that he’d vote against the measure during an appearance on MSNBC in October. Back then I wrote about howabhorrent” his views were to most Alabamians and that “anyone in the state who values life must vote against Jones and his party’s monstrous pro-abortion policy.”

But after his election many were hoping the weight of his office would cause him to moderate that extreme position.

Sadly, we weren’t surprised.

Now it’s up to us to remember this vote and to speak for the tens of thousands of unborn children who are killed every year in our nation because men like Jones are either too cowardly or too cruel to do anything about it.

Jones cast his vote with the pro-abortion extremists, and in doing so cast his fate.

In less than two years, Alabamians will have a chance to cast a vote of their own.

And that’s when we’ll cast Jones and his abhorrent support of abortion into the dustbin of history.

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