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Alabama political scandals get ‘The Daily Show’ treatment

(Video above: The Daily Show takes on Alabama politics)

Last night, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” weighed in on the current state of Alabama politics – and it didn’t hold back.

During the seven-minute segment, host Trevor Noah made jokes about the three Alabama scandals making headlines around the country.

“Alabama – also known as “Liberal Mississippi” – they’re in a bit of a meltdown,” Noah began.

Chief Justice Roy Moore’s suspension over his position on same-sex marriage was dealt with quickly. “A Southern judge opposing gays – that’s the least surprising thing since Cookie Monster got diabetes,” Noah said.

Former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard was up next. The Daily Show found what could be one of the most stereotypical, local commercial-level videos of Hubbard, one where he endorsed something called “Chicken Finger Friday.” Noah discussed Hubbard’s lengthy political tenure and his power throughout the state. He even referenced the road named after Hubbard in Auburn – one that some are already trying to get renamed.

Noah then summarized the 12 counts of corruption Hubbard was found guilty of, including “funneling money from lobbyists into his printing company for political favors.”

“Which is despicable,” Noah said. “I mean, this is 2016 people, who puts money into printing companies? This is the future, you want to invest in beepers, my friends!”

Then came Governor Bentley, who received the full force of the show’s satire. Noah played the video from Bentley’s first press conference the audio recordings between him and his top advisor, Rebekah Caldwell Mason, were released. The clip showed Bentley saying he loved all members of his staff, “but do I love some more than others? Absolutely.”

“That is such a ballsy way to handle a scandal,” Noah laughed. “Most people’s instinct is to deny something they’re accused of. This guy doubles down!”

“I wish I had this thought process when I was a kid,” he continued. “I would have got away with anything. My momma would have been like, ‘Did you eat the cookies?’ and I would have been like, ‘I eat many things mom! I eat Corn Flakes, I eat broccoli…do I eat some foods more than others sometimes? That is a possibility!”

In the most ridiculous part of the segment, The Daily Show played part of the now-infamous recording, which Noah described as “really bad phone sex. Or, a pretty good country song.” The show then actually put the dialogue from the recording to country music, complete with music video-quality images of a man and wife on a farm.

Noah then welcomed Roy Wood, Jr., a regular correspondent on the show and an Alabama native, to share his thoughts. Wood appeared in a white suit, a hat, and a bow tie – an outfit he called his “Alabama swag.”

“Trevor, this scandal is pretty upsetting, but I’m very relieved,” Wood began. “Finally, there’s bad news coming out of Alabama, and black people aren’t involved!”

Wood, who has quickly become the breakout star of the revamped show, even threw in a “Roll Tide” during his remarks.

The Daily Show is not the first group of comedians to comment on the current state of Alabama politics. In April, British comedian John Oliver shared his thoughts on Governor Bentley’s scandal and the impeachment process on his HBO series “Last Week Tonight.”