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(Video) Alabama man apologizes for anti-veteran Facebook rant

Last Wednesday, Yellowhammer shared the story of Michael Schuette, an Anniston, Alabama, man whose shocking anti-veterans Facebook rant went viral on Veterans Day.

Here’s a screenshot of the post.


The backlash to Shuette’s comments was swift and severe. He recently told WIAT-TV that his family had been getting death threats, and his business, Outlaw Gun Repair and Hydrographing, was being boycotted.

But after defiantly standing by his comments initially, Schuette is now retracting his rant, and says that he regrets what he said.

When WIAT 42 asked Schuette if he would do it again, he responded firmly. “Absolutely not,” he said. “Matter of fact, I did a horrible disservice to veterans.”

But it looks like it might be a little while longer before this one completely blows over for Schuette and his family.

“I’ve dealt with over 20 death threats of me and my family, my wife, my two daughters,” he said. “They had nothing to do with this. Everything that was said was said by me. I take full responsibility for what I say. I’m sorry for what I said, but I’m taking responsibility for what I’ve said. If anyone is angry please be angry at me my phone has been open and everybody’s got my phone number.”

Watch the full video of Schuette’s apology below.

What do you think about his apology? Do you think it’s sincere?

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