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8 reasons Hallmark Farm is perfect for the Alabama Farm Center

When driving down I-65 North, you are sure to have noticed the iconic, red-roofed barn sitting atop a grassy hill looking down on beautiful lake. This location is known as Hallmark Farm, a 567-acre property developed by Ted and Mary Hallmark in 1976. Ted Hallmark was the owner of a coal-mining equipment company.

After Ted and Mary passed away in 2013 and 2014, they left the massive estate to their two children. In 2019, the family sold the property to the Hallmark Farms Cooperative, a joint initiative of Jefferson County and the City of Warrior for $7.5 million. Last month, the Alabama Farmers Federation announced plans to begin due diligence for the new multi-purpose agriculture center.

The federation has entered a real estate contract with Hallmark Farm Cooperative District to purchase the property.

Federation and Alfa Insurance President Jimmy Parnell said that execution of this contract allows the organization to take next steps regarding due diligence and fundraising for the proposed project. The Federation plans to transform this property into a state-of-the-art agriculture and event center. Parnell says that the Farm Center will create jobs, enhance tourism, and bolster the economy.

According to Parnell, the Federation has already identified 70% of the $158 million budget needed to complete this project.

Here are 8 reasons Why Hallmark Farm is the Perfect Location for the Alabama Farm Center:

#1 Location

Located in Jefferson County along I-65 in Warrior at exit 280, Hallmark Farm became the obvious choice for this project. Hallmark has the strongest drive-time market with excellent site accessibility. With the site being off Interstate 65, exit 280 leads directly onto the facility. With multiple entrances to the site, most Alabama residents know the location well due to prominence and highway visibility. Based on 2021 Daily Traffic Count Estimates, Hallmark Farm will see 21-30k cars per day.

#2 On-Site Assets

The Jefferson County site is the only site with amenities that can be utilized for the project plan. The over 500-acre property includes a manor house, barn, support warehouses, and exterior courtyards. These extra spaces can be used for charity and gala events, weddings, keynote speeches, and much more. 

#3 Tourism

Birmingham being located within Jefferson County is a considerable advantage to Hallmark Farm. Jefferson County with the city of Birmingham contains a population of 675,310. Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) is the largest and busiest airport in Alabama with more than 3 million passengers served in 2019. BHM airport is the only major commercial airport in the region with an average of 301 aircraft operations per day. Additionally, the site is only a few minutes from a plethora of downtown Birmingham hotels and the BJCC.

#4 Area Attractions

Jefferson County has a strong tourism presence with a range of top attractions. These attractions include the Birmingham Zoo, McWane Science Center, Protective Stadium, and Vulcan Park and Museum. With the completion of the project, Hallmark Farm will soon be among these attractions.

#5 Job Growth

Construction impact for Hallmark Farm would generate over 1,000 temporary jobs. Once the site is complete, annual attendance of events will lead to a significant increase in more jobs. This project is projected to generate approximately 625,000 in annual attendance.

#6 Colleges and Universities

College and universities nearby are a major boost to foot-traffic to the facility. Jefferson County has seven out of the eight total institutions within the county. The total enrollment of Samford, Herzing, UAB, Birmingham Southern, Lawson, Miles, and Jefferson state is more than 45,000.

#7 Financial Incentives

Since Hallmark Farms is owned by one governmental entity, there will be necessary aid in expediting project development. Hallmark Farm presents the ability to receive financial incentives to help fund developmental costs.

#8 Family-Fun Events

This multi-purpose farm center will be a great outing for you and the kids. The Alabama Farm Center Hallmark Farm Center will include events like rodeos, annual fairs, livestock and horse shows, sales and auctions, and even agriculture education programs.

Hallmark Farm in Jefferson County truly is the perfect location for the Alabama Farm Center. Jefferson County’s strong ability to attract visitors for events will be an incredible asset to the region. Alabama Farmers Federation has hit the ball out of the park, making another beneficial investment in Alabama communities.

Grayson Everett is the state and political editor for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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