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7 Things: Turkey day will gobble up your money; AL AG joins others to try to save Biden on the border, and more …

7. A weird guy with political ties has been indicted for a sex crime

  • Former State Rep. Perry Hooper has been indicted for sexual abuse stemming from an alleged attack outside a business in Montgomery. Hopper is alleged to have “grabbed the victim’s breasts and waist while shoving his pelvis against the victim’s backside.” The affidavit also states, “He then began kissing her neck before she was able to break free.”
  • Hooper claimed he led the campaign for Donald Trump in Alabama, which is disputed, he was a state legislator for almost 20 years and is facing 10 years in jail and a $15,000 fine if convicted.

6. Maybe Joe Biden can just delay student loan payments forever

  • If President Joe Biden is realizing he can’t just give people up to $20,000 as a student loan giveaway, maybe he can just keep allowing people to never pay the money back as part of his COVID-19 plan.
  • The payments were set to resume in January but since his scheme has been beaten down in court, even as appeals continue, they are seeking ways to give college graduates the money taken from non-college graduates. Of course, his Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is blaming those damn Republicans and not the Constitution, “We’re extending the payment pause because it would be deeply unfair to ask borrowers to pay a debt that they wouldn’t have to pay, were it not for the baseless lawsuits brought by Republican officials and special interests.”

5. Teacher marries student he is charged with sleeping with, wants no-contact order lifted

  • A wild story involving a 25-year-old man, Thomas Blake Tucker, and a former student at East Limestone High School has taken a weird(er) twist with the adult and the girl both abiding by the no-contact order but getting married Nov. 6, followed by a request to lift the no-contact order.
  • Tucker has been charged with being a school employee who engaged in a sex act with a student under 19. He was released and resigned later. In summary, he committed a sex crime and then married his victim and may get off; there is a precedent here.

4. Fauci can’t leave soon enough

  • Two of the nation’s most inept government employees put on quite a display during Dr. Anthony Fauci’s last White House presser. Both Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, and Fauci attempted to dodge legitimate questions about the origins of COVID-19. KJP even yelled at a reporter over the matter.
  • Fauci was embarrassed multiple times during this press conference, not just during the questions about the origins of COVID-19, but he was also asked about the term “mask” being used as a pejorative. In response, Fauci yammered about people needing to take the vaccine, tests, and wear masks to Thanksgiving Day.

3. Trump tax returns will be given to politicians and then the media

  • The Supreme Court is ready to let members of the U.S. House of Representatives get their hands on former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, which will lead to leaks and lies from those politicians to their handlers in the media.
  • This case is part of a fishing expedition, they think they may be able to finally get Trump here. The House’s lawyer basically admitted this, “Mr. Trump owned a complex web of businesses, engaged in business activities internationally, had a history of aggressive tax avoidance (as he has boasted), claimed to be under ‘continuous audit’ since before his Presidency, and repeatedly denounced IRS audits of him as ‘unfair.'” Eventually, this ruling could be used to get access to various Biden family members’ tax returns.

2. Can AGs save the nation and Biden from himself?

  • As President Joe Biden’s border failures become more evident every day, his employees are under pressure to resign, a federal court is about to weaken the border even more by ending Title 42, which made deportations possible for some illegals.
  • Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and other Republican AGs are seeking to stop the madness, if only for a little bit. The states are arguing that the states will suffer “irreparable harm from the impending Termination of Title 42.”

1. Gobble gobble as it gobbles up your wallet

  • It is not a mirage, your terrible Thanksgiving Day dinner, where we celebrate the reckless slaughter of indigenous people and the raping of their land while you are lectured by your mentally deficient family members about the world, will cost more this year.
  • You already know this: Turkey prices are up 24%, mashed potatoes up 20%, cranberry sauce is up 18% (but you had a few cans from last year) and horrendous hot fruit pies have ingredients that are up 23%-75%. End this scourge on society and have a good meal instead – regular grocery prices are only up about 13%.

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