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7 Things: Trump wins big; wintry weather in winter in Alabama; immigration fight on; and more …

7. You may have heard of the Alabama football “LANK” motto, which apparently means “Let All Naysayers Know” and ESPN’s Pat McAffee says that motto is the closest we have come to living the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. As clumsy as that was, he expounded, “we are more close than we have ever been. And people could potentially try to drive us apart from the outside looking in” and added, “All we need is a little bit of love. Which is what we have for all the people who have good intentions every single day whenever they wake up, just like us.”

6. Child porn created with artificial intelligence is still child porn and Alabama State Rep. Matt Woods (R-Jasper) wants that noted in Alabama’s legal code. Woods wrote at Yellowhammer News about a 14-year-old who used AI to create porn of a classmate and Woods wants both a civil (actual damages, legal fees, and punitive damages up to $10,000 per image) and an actual criminal penalty for 100% AI-generated images.

5. Federal employees are planning to walk off their jobs today because they are mad that even the Joe Biden administration is against the slaughter of Israelis in their homes. Even though some federal employees are behaving like they are edgy middle-schoolers and lawmakers are ready to call for them to be fired, they will not be fired.

4. Iran escalates again with an attack “near” the U.S. Consulate in Iraq; there were no American casualties of any kind and no property damage either. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it was hitting Israel’s “espionage centers” responsible for a recent terror attack and after an attack in Syria on “gathering places of commanders and main elements related to recent terrorist operations, in particular, ISIS, in the occupied territories of Syria and destroyed them by firing a number of ballistic missiles.”

3. U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) says lawmakers are drawing a “line in the sand” on the issue of border security and believes that now is the time for this fight to finally take place given the alleged deal being made in Washington, D.C. Biden’s policy is a failure, according to Strong, and it is clear what should happen, “Biden could take a couple of notes from Donald Trump. He fueled up ICE Air, processed these illegal aliens, and sent them back to the country of their origin. And when he did that stopped it.”

2. It was very cold yesterday and snow hit the northern part of the state moderately hard, sub-freezing temps continue today, so it will still be harrowing for parts of the state.

1. Former President Donald Trump wins big, media outlets called the Iowa caucuses for Trump after about 30 minutes, it was always Trump, and they called it before some votes were even cast, to the glee of Trump and President Joe Biden supporters who lust for a 2020 rematch. Immigration polled as the biggest issue with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis coming in a distant second and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley an even more distant third. So, this thing was essentially over in less than 30 minutes and U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) says it is time to get to the “business of defeating Joe Biden”.

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