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7 Things: Trump targets social media for suppressing conservatives, fake news excites liberals as they smear Gov. Kay Ivey, Sen. Richard Shelby has an interesting day and more …

7. Florida’s election will pit a Trumper vs. Berner. It could also impact a U.S. Senate race and House races 

Republican Congressman Ron Desantis is a Trump-backed Congressman who went from being down big to winning by 20 points.

The media favorite will be the scandalized African-American Bernie Sanders-backed ICE abolishing, Medicare for all, liberal Democrat mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum.

6. Chinese hackers, not Russians, got into Hillary Clinton’s private server as she was secretary of state

— In news that should infuriate all the folks who think former Secretary of State Clinton got away with a serious crime, it has been learned that China breached Clinton’s private server and inserted code that sent copies of her emails to the Chinese company in real time.

— Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said that Intelligence Community Inspector General has now found that Clinton’s emails were accessed by a “foreign entity” at a July 12 Judiciary Committee hearing.

5. CNN continues to stand by its story that its source says he made up

— Former Clinton operative and lawyer Lanny Davis has been outed as a source for a story where his client, former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen, was prepared to flip on President Trump and say he knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian actors.

— Davis has now recanted, but CNN is standing by their story, claiming they have additional sources for the story after pretending he wasn’t the source at first and even saying he wouldn’t comment on the story in order to conceal him as the source.

4. Mississippi goes all in on a lottery and now only five states (including Alabama) don’t have one

— The Mississippi State House passed the law and sent a bill to the governor. The bill will send the money for infrastructure and any excess over $80 million goes to education.

— The lesson from this session in Mississippi is that they are passing this in a special session called to “find” money for roads and bridges. Another bill passed included sales taxes on online sales.

3. Alabama Senator Richard Shelby had an interesting day in Washington D.C.

— Sen. Shelby seems to be cooling on  Jeff Sessions as attorney general, his former colleague, saying the relationship is “challenged” and “[n]othing lasts forever. I don’t know.”

— Shelby apparently wants to make naming a building after U.S. Senator John McCain will be harder than most thought it would be

2. Fake news: Mobile NBC station fails to tell the whole story and Alabama’s liberals pounce a week later

— After the TV station put out an edited clip, later explaining she gave an answer, a columnist, a former Supreme Court Chief Justice and an operative trying to help Democrats win gubernatorial seats all tweeted this out.

— The reason they wanted a debate was so they could take a ten-second clip, just like this, and act as if there is a danger in electing Ivey because she is sick. She shouldn’t give them what they want.

1. The president of the United States lashes out at Internet services and warns Evangelicals of coming violence from the left if he loses                       

— The president believes social media sites and Google are “suppressing voices of conservatives” and warned them to “tread carefully,” but journalist lapses show the reality isn’t those who aggregate the news, it is the folks who create the news.

— The president warned of Antifa violence if Democrats take back the House, but there was a more important story the media missed — He also talked about how his supporters aren’t going to vote for his allies in Congress because he stupidly made it appear that he hates Congress.

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