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Fake news: Mobile NBC station fails to tell the whole story and Alabama’s liberals pounce a week later

The media, Alabama Democrats and their candidate for governor have been pushing for a debate with Governor Kay Ivey from the minute he won the Democratic primary. Ivey’s opponents in the GOP primary wanted the same thing, but she denied them and then crushed them.

Ivey’s opponents and the Alabama media say she is sick and can’t serve. They are continuously looking for that piece of video that will show Kay Ivey is not of sound mind. They know they can’t run on the economy, social issues or on the same strategy the national Democratic Party is attempting to take back the U.S. House with.

Now Democrats think they have it — a ten-second clip from a newscast in Mobile.

Alabama Political Reporter’s Josh Moon was first to share the following clip:

Failed gubernatorial candidate Sue Bell Cobb shared it this morning:

Democrat Governors Association’s James Singer shared it last night:

I asked this simple question:


No answer.

Where is the whole video?

This is all that NBC15 posted:

But the write-up the Mobile NBC affiliate posted online tells the whole story:

“NBC 15 News asked: “Do you owe the people of Alabama a debate?” The governor, after a moment of silence, said, “People don’t ask me for that, it’s you all.”

I reached out to NBC15 to see the whole thing. Nothing.

I reached out to the governor’s office as well. Nothing.

These folks don’t care. They need something to prove their thesis.

The reason they wanted a debate was so they could take a ten-second clip, just like this, and act as if there is a danger in electing Ivey because she is sick. Judge them how you see fit.

Does it have any impact? Maybe amongst those people who think the only way to push Walt Maddox from his 20 percentage points hole into the governor’s mansion.

This won’t do that.

Your average Alabamians will see this and wonder what the rest of the actual video shows before and after.

They may also ask why Walt Maddox doesn’t have a stronger argument for himself.

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show  from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN


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