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7 Things: States are ready to pick up the abortion fight, COVID-19 milestone reached this week as kids in Bessemer walk out, college football kickoff used to push vaccines in Alabama and more …

7. National Guardsmen being sent to Louisiana 

  • Governor Kay Ivey announced that 150 national guardsmen from Alabama will be sent to Louisiana to aid in the recovery after Hurricane Ida. The decision came after Louisiana requested assistance. 
  • Ivey also issued a supplemental state of emergency order that will help those impacted by Ida get access to their prescription medication refills. The order will allow pharmacists to issue more than a 72-hour dose worth of medication, which is the usual limit, and it moves the limit to 30-days. 

6. Lt. Gov. Ainsworth targeted by Facebook

  • In a post on Facebook, Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth detailed why Biden should be impeached, but the post was removed by the social media site for violating community standards. 
  • Ainsworth had shared a clip of him speaking at the “Save America” rally on August 21 in Cullman, and Facebook claimed that he violated the standards for violence and incitement. Ainsworth said, “Apparently detailing Joe Biden’s clear failures as president and calling for his impeachment because of the historic disaster in Afghanistan is not acceptable to the speech police at Facebook.”

5. Biden administration will focus on border security overseas before border security at home

  • Tajikistan will secure its border with Afghanistan thanks to President Joe Biden and his administration. Biden has placed focus and resources on the concerns at the Tajikistan border while ignoring the issues at the southern border in the United States. 
  • Since the United States removed all military troops from Afghanistan, migrants have been flooding into Tajikistan. However, there has been a crisis at the southern border for months, and Republicans continue to demand action from Biden with little to no response. 

4. This football season will feature coronavirus vaccine information

  • As college football is gearing up to start, the Alabama Department of Public Health has announced that they’re launching their “KICK COVID” vaccine initiative. Student-athletes will be involved with promoting the program. There will be coronavirus testing and vaccines offered at various home football games for different schools.
  • Fans who take advantage of the opportunity to get COVID-19 vaccines at these events or get their first dose within 14 days of the event will get a $75 gift card to the campus book store. State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris stated, “These new and popular venues will provide additional opportunities for people to learn more about the virus, the vaccine, and receive testing and vaccine on-site.”

3. Coronavirus numbers not getting better 

  • The state of COVID-19 in Alabama is not good. Not only did Alabama see more COVID-19 cases in any seven-day period Thursday than at any point during the pandemic, and more Alabamians are on ventilators than ever before, but hospitalizations have leveled off. A new study shows that up to 83% of Americans have some form of immunity at this point due to vaccinations and prior COVID-19 cases.
  • Students in Bessemer are claiming that they are not being told the truth about the level of coronavirus in their school. Bessemer City High School has shown that the school has seen 31 cases of the virus, and some believe parents are sending their kids to school sick. The school has now switched to virtual learning until at least Tuesday, September 9.

2. Democrats threaten action on abortion laws

  • In response to Texas outlawing abortion after six weeks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is looking to introduce legislation that will support Roe v. Wade to ensure that abortion stays legal federally. 
  • In a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision, the court decided not to interfere with the Texas law. Pelosi will hold a vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act by U.S. Representative Judy Chu (D-CA), which would remove current state restrictions on abortion and prevent future restrictions. 

1. States ready to follow Texas’ lead on abortion bills

  • Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Idaho have all hinted that they will be working on ways to limit abortion in their state following Texas’ law going into effect this week.
  • Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed his support for other cases that challenge Roe vs. Wade, and Gov. Kay Ivey joined other Republican governors asking for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe a few weeks ago.