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7 Things: Some think impeachment is here, Kamala Harris doesn’t understand Alabama pro-lifers, border issues galore and more …

7. Alabama native refuses to be in the same country as Trump

  • The founder of Wikipedia and Alabama native Jimmy Wales apparently isn’t the biggest fan of President Donald Trump, and tweeted, “I am going to the airport. Leaving the UK today. I will be back when he leaves.”
  • Wales finally acknowledged the trip has nothing to do with Trump because someone replied to his tweet, “Who cares?” and he admitted that his trip had been planned for a while.

6. Alabama is booming

  • Specifically, Huntsville is booming and has been named the fourth best city in the nation for career opportunities, according to SmartAsset.com, with Provo, Utah, coming in first.
  • The rankings, where Alabama has climbed one notch, take into account many factors, including unemployment rates, median income, annual housing costs and change in total employment.

5. It seems becoming American isn’t that hard

  • The number of people who have taken the oath of citizenship is at a five-year high according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, despite the system being criticized by the Democrats.
  • Almost 850,000 naturalization forms were processed in 2018, and 757,000 people were sworn in as new citizens, which was a 6% increase from 2017. This deals a severe blow to the premise that becoming an American is too hard or that we are an unwelcoming nation.

4. Build The wall

  • Judge Trevor McFadden has thrown out the House Democrats’ lawsuit against President Trump using emergency funds for the border wall.
  • President Trump’s motion was to move $6.7 billion toward the border wall construction, and McFadden emphasized that courts typically stay out of issues that are considered “political question doctrine,” since they are matters best left to voters.

3. Illegal immigrant caught bringing cocaine to Alabama

  • The drug bust may have taken place in North Carolina, but the drug in transit was $400,000 worth of cocaine. Eyian Valenti Robotham is now being held on a $750,000 bond. The Department of Homeland Security has obtained an immigration detainer on Robotham.
  • Robotham has been charged with felony trafficking a schedule II narcotic by possession, felony trafficking a schedule II narcotic by transportation and felony maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances. His nation of origin was not reported.

2. Kamala Harris not a fan of Alabama’s pro-life stance

  • Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) spoke about the Alabama abortion ban, saying, “Those folks down in Alabama who are doing this, these are the same folks who, by the time that baby is born, they couldn’t care less.”
  • Of course, what Harris was ignoring was the fact that in 2018 Alabama set a new record for how many children were adopted out of the state foster care system, and instead focused on saying that Alabama is trying to tell women what to do with their bodies and pretending that if you are against the state providing every aspect of someone’s life (food, housing, health care) you just don’t care.

1. Maybe impeachment is already here

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spent the weekend having Californians chanting at her about impeachment while she continues to caution against the unpopular move against President Trump, but Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) has now said that he thinks they’ve already begun.
  • Clyburn said, “I think we’ve already begun. We’ve got all of these committees doing their work, we’re having hearings.” He is arguing that if they do more investigations a groundswell of impeachment support will appear and the Republican Senate will be forced to act, which is never happening.


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