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7 Things: Severe weather kills 6, now there are 3 batches of Biden documents, and more …

7. Roads and bridges

  • Alabama’s gas tax is paying off for 2 dozen cities and 5 counties as Governor Kay Ivey announces $40 million dollars in new state transportation funding for roads and bridges.
  • Because of the Rebuild Alabama Act, the first $30 million must be spent on local road issues. Ivey wants Alabamians to know what roads are being built and the impact they will have, “Our decision to address Alabama’s infrastructure challenges is paying major dividends in several vital areas, and I am thrilled to continue building on this momentum by moving forward this year’s projects.”

6. Dumb person mad about dumb holiday does dumb thing, aldotcom is there

  • A local bank put up a sign letting customers know that their bank would be closed because of the joint Martin Luther King, Jr./Robert E. Lee holiday. A silly lawyer decided this technically accurate sign was offensive and wrote a post on Twitter. Because it was stupid, aldotcom actually wrote a story about it implying this was news.
  • The entire nation celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday. A few states (including Alabama) also celebrate Robert E. Lee Day, which was created in the 1800s, not as an offense to MLK. Lawmakers could still move Robert E. Lee Day to another day or officially move it to his actual birthday January 19th, which would be more defensible.

5. Parental rights matter

  • Parental rights are becoming more important every day as lawmakers, educators, and activists attempt to drive a wedge between kids and their parents when it comes to medical issues. State Rep. Kenneth Paschal (R-Pelham) wants to protect parental rights and has a new law ready to do just that.
  • Former Alabama star running back and vice president of the “Parental Rights Foundation” Shaun Alexander voiced his support for this bill, “I strongly support Rep. Paschal’s legislation which would enshrine in Alabama’s state code that the rights of parents are fundamental. While courts have long recognized these rights, it is time for the Alabama legislature to fully protect them by statute. We must protect the family and the fundamental right to parent at the highest degree in the law.”

4. Democrats go (more) extreme on abortion

  • The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” has a pretty simple premise, protect the lives of attempted aborted fetuses who survive the procedure and condemn the attacks on pregnancy centers. These two ‘extreme’ functions were too much for all but 2 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • U.S. Representative Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) correctly called out his colleagues’ villainy on ‘The Yaffee Program’ stating, “In this case, we’re not talking about unborn children, we’re talking about a child that survives an attempted abortion … it’s just unimaginable cruelty. At the point that the child comes into the world and takes a breath, it’s no longer an abortion, it’s infanticide.”

3. Oh, about those Russian bots from 2016

  • In news that should surprise no one, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was knowingly lying about the prevalence of Russian bots on Twitter during the 2016 election. Rep. Schiff was told repeatedly that his, and his fellow Democrats’ assertions were false by Twitter yet they continued repeating them.
  • Twitter, under the Jack Dorsey regime, knew all of this and still never publicly refuted these claims. Twitter even admitted internally to “feeding congressional trolls” and told Schiff that there was, “Not any…significant activity connected to Russia.” Because of these lies, millions of people still think Russia, at minimum, influenced the outcome of the 2016 election because Donald Trump won.

2. Biden has classified documents everywhere

  • President Joe Biden took time out of bragging about low gas prices and inflation, which are not low at all, and declared that he takes classified documents seriously, which was also a lie. When he uttered that assertion, there were two separate batches of documents in question, now there are three.
  • Before the day was over, Attorney General Merrick Garland was being slammed on MSNBC for bringing in a special counsel in order to oversee the latest scandal involving Joe Biden that the media insisted was nothing until they totally embarrassed themselves. This is so bad for Biden that the congressman who thought Guam could tip over if too many members of the military were stationed there was suggesting that someone planted the documents to make Biden look bad.

1. Ivey declares state of emergency in six counties, at least six dead

  • The South saw at least 33 tornados on Thursday and severe weather tore across Alabama yesterday, with tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms and high winds causing death and destruction in multiple regions. Governor Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency in 6 counties with damage still being accessed.
  • In Autauga County, 12 were severely injured and at least 6 are dead in the central Alabama county. Both Decatur, Limestone, and Lawrence County reported structural damage, but no fatalities, after an EF-1 tornado came through. Selma appears to have escaped the deadly side of the storms but the damage in the city will be felt for a long time. The National Weather Service said that the tornado that struck the city was a “large and extremely dangerous tornado,” it caused old brick buildings to collapse and the downtown saw multiple downed power poles.

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