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7 Things: Severe weather for Alabama; Decatur admits some wrongdoing in police shooting; Biden’s issues mount; and more …

7. Auburn loses a game that should not have even been close and pays $1.85 million for the honor. Alabama continues to control their own destiny ahead of the Iron Bowl.

6. Debates over arming the Ukrainian and Israeli militaries rage on with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying, “[o]ur supplies have decreased” and President Joe Biden trying to appease his anti-semitic left-flank by putting strategic conditions on aid for Israel.

5. Maybe there will be a ceasefire in Gaza after all, which will surely bring the peace we all seek, especially to the people in Gaza. Also, tunnels found under the main hospital in Gaza are not a surprise.

4. The impeachment inquiry is moving forward according to former House Speaker and U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who notes, “We have systematically followed every place the facts have taken us each and every day. And now it’s moved even closer because now we’ve got the subpoenas going in to get the bank statements. We found all of this, the shell companies no one knew about prior. This is important.”

3. Former President Donald Trump continues the trend of destroying President Joe Biden in polls, swing state polls, on the issue of Israel, and in almost every metric imaginable.

2. The city of Decatur continues to drag out the handling of the Steve Perkins police shooting death, to the benefit of no one. The Chief of Police Todd Pinion has announced that the officers involved violated policy however they did not say what policy, so protesters filled in the gap during a protest that involved smashed windows and weapons.

1. Severe weather is possible across the entire state of Alabama today. From heavy rains, hail, and damaging winds, to tornadoes. Alabamians need to be aware of the weather moving through their area.

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