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7 Things: Most of Alabama delegation opposes spending bill; still cold across the state as some return to normal; and more …

7. Charles Barkley is mad and confused, also known as being in the normal Charles Barkley state, about presidential candidate Nikki Haley declaring America has never been a racist country. Responding on his terrible CNN show, the former Auburn basketball player and multimillionaire said, “If you forget about slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, antisemitism, Asian hate that’s been going on in this country. America’s been smooth sailing! You can’t be surprised. That was just stupid. America was built on racism.”

6. Illegal immigrants without driver’s licenses and insurance are often not held responsible when convicted of drunk driving outside of a slight “slap on the wrist,” according to an Alabama congressman. U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) says he wants these illegals deported because, “when they don’t have a driver’s license, they don’t have car insurance, there’s no accountability in the process and they just slap them on the wrist and send them on their way. And this drunk driver who was here illegally killed a young couple.”

5. U.S. Sens. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) and Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) are concerned about the Biden administration’s plan to allow more importing of catfish from Vietnam. Britt said, “Nearly 33% of all catfish produced in the United States comes from right here in sweet home Alabama,” adding,  “President Biden needs to realize that food security is national security, and his America Last policies are endangering our country’s future.”

4. AL.com latest ridiculously out-of-touch social crusade is about getting violent felons and career criminals out of jail. They are currently running a series focusing on numerous criminals denied parole (including drug traffickers and 3-strike recipients who don’t follow their release agreements) and demonizing the head of the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles and Attorney General Steve Marshall.

3. Hunter Biden, the crackhead son of President Joe Biden, has finally agreed to appear before Congress at his dad’s impeachment inquiry hearing, surely helping his father out immensely. There was no announcement about whether this hearing will be public or privately done but this comes on the heels of a contempt resolution advancing and his “sugar brother” testified about bankrolling Hunter Biden.

2. Weather starts to clear up, some schools remain closed and roads stay closed while a sense of normalcy returns to parts of the state. However, other parts are dealing with adverse conditions for the entirety of the coming weekend.

1. Plan to avoid government shutdown passes again with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Calif.) relying on Democrats to help get the stopgap measure over the finish line, the same thing that cost former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) his job. Alabama’s GOP senators both voted against it while GOP representatives were split on their vote on this bill, U.S. Reps. Robert Aderholt (R-Hayesville), Mike Rogers (R-Saks), Dale Strong (R-Monrovia), joined Democrat Rep. Terri Sewell (R-Birmingham) in voting “yes,” and Reps. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), Barry Moore (R-Enterprise), and Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) voted “no.”

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