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7 Things: Middle East risk grows; Alabama allowed to block transgender transitioning for minors; and more …

7. The obsession our government has with building charging stations has always seemed odd.  U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) wants them built with American companies, if we are going to do it. To stop $7.5 billion from going to China, he voted for a resolution that bars that money from going overseas, “The Biden Administration is not only pushing a green agenda on the American people and trying to ban gas vehicles in the future — but is also now taking the legs out from under our American companies working to manufacture EV chargers to meet his crazy agenda.”

6. After the shock of Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban’s resignation subsided, and Democrats tried to make it about themselves, some wondered why Saban was leaving at all while suggesting it was about the changes in the world of college football. Saban, who will keep an office at the stadium, himself says it is not about that, “Last season was difficult for me from just a health standpoint, not necessarily having anything major wrong, but just being able to sustain and do things the way I want to do them, the way I’ve always done them. It just got a little bit harder. So you have to decide, this is sort of inevitable when you get to my age.”

5. Former President Donald Trump is speeding toward a big loss in New York’s courts as New York Attorney General Letitia James is clearly targeting Trump, as she promised in her campaign, but he is going down swinging. The lawfare meant to tie up the former president during the election is powering his campaign in the primary but could be the “corporate death penalty” for his business if it stands. James also targeted the NRA in the same way but failed.

4. The immigration crisis in the United States is spinning out of control as Democrats have rejected any border security in a new government funding bill. The Texas National Guard has seized a crossing to stop illegals because the federal government will not, and in New York Mayor Eric Adams made a plea, for now, asking New Yorkers with spare rooms to take illegals in, “It is my vision to take the next step to this — go to the faith-based locales and then move to a private residence. There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms.” Earlier this week, Americans were assured that illegals taking over a New York school was a one-off, now we are learning that this situation is only going to get worse.

3. The media and their Democrats insist that you believe that your economic concerns are stupid nonsense because you are stupid. Meanwhile, inflation is up again to 3.4% year-over-year in December which is above the preferred 2% and up from the 3.1% inflation from November year-over-year and it now costs $1.19 to buy $1 worth of goods you could purchase pre-COVID.

2. Alabama is allowed to enforce its own laws that were passed by an elected legislative body after a federal appeals court ordered the state can move forward with its ban on transgender surgery for minors. An obviously confused parent claims his 16-year-old needs to be able to transition because people against it are also against mask mandates, “These same people that are wanting to restrict my daughter’s access to healthcare would be screaming that this is between a parent and their healthcare provider … if this was kids wearing masks because of a pandemic, if this was vaccinations.”

1. The risk of conflict between Iran and the United States, and a broader Middle East war, is increasing as the United States finally responds to the 130-plus attacks on U.S. assets by Iranian-backed Houthis rebels who have also been attacking other nations‘ ships in the Red Sea. Iran also seized an oil tanker that was involved in a recent sanctions dispute.

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