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7 Things: Maddox wants to spend $150-$200 million on Medicaid expansion, Trump now blamed for a hurricane, please accept there will be no gubernatorial debate and more …

7. President Donald Trump continues to be a terrible investment for all of those in the media who tell us he colluded with Russia to steal the election

— Trump signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against foreigners who meddle in U.S. elections. It covers interference with campaign infrastructure, distribution of disinformation and propaganda

— Also, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats has said intelligence agencies are not seeing the same amount of Russian intervention that was experienced in 2016, but he did not rule it out.

6. Political violence continues to be a non-issue for the media, as long as Democrats attempt it

— CNN had a chance to talk about the things they usually talk about when bad stuff happens: responsibility, tone, the victims. Instead, they didn’t ask Rep. Eric Swalwell about his opponent who was almost killed at all.

— Another threat towards conservatives came in the form of a tweet where a Twitter user responded to a tweet about a “MAGA meetup” by saying he was coming to gather “bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies” and posted a picture of a handgun.

5. Disgraced loser Hillary Clinton joins the parade of Democrats smearing the next Supreme Court Justice

— Six days after Senator Kamala Harris started lying and two days after Politifact called her a liar, Clinton is still trying to imply that Brett Kavanaugh was using a “dog whistle to the extreme right” for ending Roe v. Wade.

— This fake news continues to make the rounds on the Internet in spite of the fact that it is not even remotely true. It will probably continue long after Kavanaugh is confirmed.

4. More positive economic news

— Median income up 1.8%, third consecutive year of income growth, the poverty rate declined and median household income is at the highest level in recorded US history.

— But Trump seems to not understand our national debt issue. Former economic advisor Gary Cohn reportedly said the president’s solution was to “just run the presses — print money.” Cohn denies.

3. We are still doing this thing where the media pretends there might be a debate — Governor Kay Ivey is playing along

— The League of Women Voters wanted to know if Governor Ivey would be participating in their attempt to televise a debate, but she claims she hasn’t seen the offer yet. She will not participate.

— No political consultant worth anything would advise the governor to enter into this debate. There is no evidence not debating will hurt her; at this point, Maddox and his media enablers should move on to other issues of note where Maddox can gain with voters.

2. Trump is blamed for a hurricane that hasn’t even made landfall yet — Derangement continues to grip the media

— Apparently, the president should reverse what The Washington Post Editorial Board considers a man-made problem in 18 months.

— This ignores that the number of hurricanes has decreased in recent years. Research indicates that “since the late-19th Century global (green) and tropical Atlantic (blue) temperatures have risen […] once one accounts for possible missed storms (second and third red lines) basinwide storms have not exhibited a significant increase. When one focuses only on landfalling storms (yellow lines) the nominal trend has been for a decrease.” Now, the argument is shifting to the hurricanes being “worse.”

1. Democratic nominee for governor Walt Maddox wants to expand Medicaid — He doesn’t have a plan to pay for it

— Maddox channeled the failed gubernatorial campaigns of Parker Griffith and Ron Sparks, and the favorite talking point of the political media, to declare we need to expand Medicaid (which comes with a $150-$200 million price tag).

— In the past, Maddox has foolishly called the program “free money.” Legislators aren’t talking about this because they don’t want to do it, they don’t have the money to pull it off and Maddox has no plan either.

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