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7 Things: It’s still about the economy and the voters want the GOP leading it, Ivey nods to base with stance on Confederate monuments, Rep. Brooks challenged to debates, and more …

1. The economy continues to be strong and most Americans want the GOP running it, generic ballot tightens

— In a change from three months ago, two polls found that 35 percent believe the Republican party is better suited to handle the economy, compared with 28 percent who think Democrats have the better economic policies.

— Another fun poll result shows an increasing number of Americans view the FBI as biased against President Trump.

2. Governor Kay Ivey is playing the hits, touts her support of keeping Confederate monuments up

— Primary elections are all about playing to the base, Ivey has a new ad focusing on “special interests” who wanted her to tear down the Confederate monument on the grounds of the Capitol.

— Ivey isn’t the only candidate talking monuments, Attorney General Steve Marshall is still fighting the city of Birmingham over their silly obstruction of a monument

3. Like Gov. Ivey, Congressman Brooks has been challenged to debates that will probably not happen

— Clayton Hinchman sent a letter to Brooks attempting to set up debates in each of the five counties in the 5th Congressional District.

— Weeks ago, Hinchman’s campaign put out a press release talking about how they were up big. This move calls that obviously false information in to further question.
4. President Donald Trump may solve this North Korea issue after all, or they may not meet at all

— It was reported by The Guardian that CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with the North Korean leader over Easter to lay the groundwork for a summit.

— In a joint photo event with Japanese President Abe, the president talked about how he had the blessing of South Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un but also how it may not ever happen.

5. IRS extends tax deadline as tax system fails, Trump applies for an extension

— Government bureaucracies rarely function well, so it shouldn’t shock people that as people scrambled to file their last-minute tax returns the system to accept them was knocked offline, so now you get another day.

— In a politically tone-deaf move, the President of the United States did not have his taxes ready on time which allows his opponents to point out how he still hasn’t released his tax returns.

6. Starbucks will actually close almost 8,000 stores to give all their racist employees a lecture

— After a ridiculous event in Philadelphia that led to two arrests and protests that claimed the notoriously liberal coffee chain was anti-black, the chain announced it would close stores for an afternoon for “racial bias training”.

— Former Attorney General Eric Holder, the president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, will help design the program, so of course people are complaining about it.

7. CNN’s Don Lemon is willfully putting guests on the air who are lying, other CNN hosts have to be doing the same

— In a podcast interview Lemon acknowledged they have guests on who say things they don’t believe to be true, but they keep having them.

— His larger point was that no Republicans will truly defend Trump, but all he did was point out CNN is populated with frauds and charlatans who guest all over the network even though they are known liars.


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