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7 Things: Impeachment inquiry launched; Alabama GOP House delegation is psyched but Tuberville is not; and more …

7. Child poverty spikes under Democrats, even after massive government expenditures in 2020, the rate of child poverty went about back to about where it was before. Barring another massive spending bill on the matter, this is where it will remain and inflation is making it worse.

6. How about U.S. Sen. Bruce Pearl? Auburn’s head basketball coach does not shy away from political issues and has taken on the Biden administration’s 9/11 payment with Iran saying, “The world just got even more dangerous by another pathetic, weak US foreign policy decision. Rather than giving Iran 6 Billion, I would give em 6 days. Take another hostage and you get 6 hours. We just made Iran’s terrorist regime stronger! Free their people! Know your opponent!”

5. Gov. Kay Ivey visited Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Huntsville to focus on reading because she wants them to dream big: “Y’all be sure to dream big. What you want to do and become, work hard to get there because you can do it.” She focused on a book about Alabama and wants them to read it a little bit every day.

4. There is no question in the mind of Alabama’s Secretary of State Wes Allen that the special master appointed by federal courts will intentionally racially gerrymander congressional districts. Allen requested the Supreme Court halt the process because he accurately fears, “the State will be compelled to cede its sovereign redistricting power to a court that will intentionally segregate Alabamians based on race.”

3. U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has announced that it is like 2020 all over again with an impeachment inquiry into the president being launched. This is not impeachment, yet the American media and their Democrats are quick to say the Republicans have nothing, just as they did with the Hunter Biden laptop, the Biden Crime Syndicate, Biden’s use of his office to aid the family “business,” COVID-19 origin, masks, vaccines, and the exact opposite than they did with Ukraine, Jan. 6, and Russia hoax. Who is the “Big Guy”?

2. Alabama House Republicans fully support President Joe Biden being a target of impeachment.  U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) making a strong case on the matter, “House investigations uncovered serious allegations of President Biden and his family using the Washington swamp to get rich. I support the Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden because it will give the House access to records that the Biden DOJ is trying to keep sealed.”

1. Not every Republican is on board with impeachment right now, in fact, not even every Alabama Republican wants another impeachment trial … right now. U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) does not seem to be happy about another “damn trial,” saying, “When you go after a former president or a president, have all of your ducks in a row. Make sure you got what you need to have. Don’t be guessing. Don’t just be throwing mud.”

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