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Ivey stresses importance of reading, work ethic to elementary students

Gov. Kay Ivey cleared some time Tuesday to visit with some of the state’s youngest students.

During a visit to Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Huntsville, Ivey discussed the importance of reading and having a strong work ethic, telling the group that it was their job to “study hard, work hard, and be the very best you can be.”

Ivey began the discussion by referencing a book that focuses specifically on the Yellowhammer State and some of its history and more prominent places.

“So, we have a book here called ‘Alabama: My Home Sweet Home.’ It covers travels and places of Alabama importance and highlights people all throughout the state from Huntsville all the way down to the Gulf beaches,” she said.

“Here we have a picture of Huntsville where men and women make rockets. Maybe one day want you want to make a rocket, but first you have to be a good student.”

“Then there is a page on Montgomery. It pictures Martin Luther King Jr. for whom this school is named. And also there is a picture of the Capitol. That’s where I go to work everyday. My number one focus is to be sure that our students get a quality education and learn to real well.”

The governor told the students to, at the very least, read a few pages of a book each day.

“Read a few pages if you can’t read the whole thing in one sitting. Be sure to read everyday,” she said. “The governor wants you to be very successful because one of these days you’re going to be our leaders. Maybe one of you wants to be governor one day. You can do that. But you have to work hard as a student, study hard, work hard, and be a good student.

“Y’all be sure to dream big. What you want to do and become, work hard to get there because you can do it.”


Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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