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7 Things: Doug Jones supports impeachment, tariffs on Mexico will hurt Alabama, immigration still a crisis and more …

7. Is Joe Biden blowing it?

  • 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden is getting slammed daily and his polling is suffering as a result. The latest hit is related to a weeks-old comment he made that is a change to his position on the Hyde Amendment, which came to light after he took a different position today and then lied about his previous statements.
  • While Biden tries to figure out if he feels like he has for 40 years, against federal funding of abortions, 2020 opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is making the Democratic base very happy by proving that he was an abortion zealot before it was cool.

6. Kamala Harris to visit Alabama after trashing the state

  • After Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) criticized the Alabama abortion ban, Representative Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) said that Harris is just another example of an “out-of-state liberal elitists” lecturing everyone in the state.
  • Byrne has also stated how proud he is of Alabama for being one of the states to lead the fight in protecting unborn babies, as well as saying that Alabama doesn’t need liberal politicians trying to tell us how to run the state, which Harris will do when she speaks to Democrats in Alabama on Friday.

5. “Sorry, not sorry”

  • Mayor Mark Chambers of Carbon Hill posted on his Facebook page, “I would like to make a public apology to my community. I and I alone am responsible for the comment that was made. It is not a reflection of the Carbon Hill Council or and city personnel or citizens.”
  • Not surprisingly, Chambers has said that he has no plans to resign as mayor, and he still fully believes that his comments were taken out of context and weren’t meant to target the LGBTQ community, but Chamber’s initial defense was that the comments were supposed to be private rather than public, so he appears to be lying.

4. Ivey won’t castrate the debate

  • Governor Kay Ivey has a bill on her desk that would require sex offenders whose victims are younger than 13 to undergo chemical castration when paroled, but Ivey is still reviewing the bill.
  • While the media tries to make this another, “Oh, look at Alabama” story, other states such as California and Florida have similar chemical castration laws that they passed in the 1990s.

3. The situation at the border is getting worse

  • Arrests made at the border skyrocketed throughout May; now, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are declaring the situation a full-blown emergency with CBP made almost 133,000 arrests, which is double the recorded number from the beginning of the year and up 30% from last month’s arrests.
  • Democrats responded to this information by trying to pass an amnesty bill and pretending that will address this issue somehow.

2. Tariffs will hit Alabama

  • President Donald Trump’s tariffs are a bluff or a gamble, but they will impact Alabama in the form of gas and oil imported from Mexico, which has grown to $1.5 billion. The second largest is the $1.4 billion of transport equipment, which would include auto parts for Alabama’s automotive industry.
  • But it may not happen at all with the Trump administration meeting with Mexico and some Republicans declaring they aren’t for these tariffs. There is no sign that they will overrule Trump.

1. Doug Jones is wrong on everything

  • While ignoring the fact that he’s been weakly against the Trump tax cuts, Senator Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) during an interview with CNN discussed how against the tariffs on Mexico he is, saying, “Well, because they’re a tax. This could be the largest tax increase that Americans have seen in two or three generations.”
  • In the same interview, he signaled he knows his political career is all but dead. Jones basically said he’s open to impeachment by suggesting that we need to “see where that goes” on the issuing of subpoenas and that Congress needs to do their constitutional duty of oversight.

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