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7 Things: Democrats push to end 2nd Amendment while denying they are, Alabama election could signal problems for the midterms, Documents alleged collusion between Obama and FBI/CIA and more …

1. Democrats continue to push for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment while demanding you stop pointing it out

— A former supreme court justice, thousands of protesters, law professors, and multiple media outlets are now calling for the end of the 2nd Amendment.

— CNN’s Chris Cuomo says “no one” is calling for this repeal, The New Republic’s Jeet Heer says this is a “straw-man argument”, but over one-third of Democrats would like to see this happen.

2. There are some real problems for Republicans in Alabama’s latest special election

— Former Head of Public Safety for the city of Huntsville Rex Reynolds, the Republican, beat Democrat Terry Jones to keep the seat out of the blue column.

— 9,367 fewer voters showed up than did in 2014’s general election, but almost 50 percent of 2014’s Democrats showed up, while only 20 percent of 2014’s Republicans did.

3. Signs of actual collusion continue to show up with the CIA, FBI, President Obama’s WH and Congressional Democrats

— There have been absolutely no legitimate signs of collusion between the Trump campaign/transition and the Russian government but that hasn’t stopped a series of year-long investigations, and breathless speculation.

— Once again, there have been serious questions raised about the behavior of the Obama government during the 2016 election and their interaction with intelligence agencies that were highly inappropriate.
4. High-income Alabamians are benefiting from President Trump’s tax cuts

— Alabama’s high-earners are able to keep more of their own money after the tax cuts than those in high-tax states.

— The $10,000 limit in the tax code for state/local deductions are benefiting those who live in low tax states like Alabama, Florida, and Texas while those in higher tax states like California, New Jersey and New York pay more than that threshold so their taxes have gone up.

5. A bill that got very little attention, could have a very big impact on 1st/2nd-time home owners

— The First-Time Homebuyer and Second-Chance Savings Account bill was passed by the Alabama Legislature this session, it provides a tax-free savings opportunity for homebuyers.

— Tax-free deposits and earnings cannot exceed $50,000 and the purchase must be completed within 5 years.

6. The Senate is done for the year, the House has one day left

— Racial profiling bill stalls in the Alabama House, it is essentially dead.

— A new ethics bill passes that exempts people involved in economic development, in a contentious debate over whether it was necessary.

7. Rev. Al Sharpton’s half-brother accused of killing a 23-year-old woman in Alabama

— Rev. Kenneth Glasgow drove a  26-year-old woman to look for her stolen car, she then shot and killed the person who she believed had stolen her car.

— Glasgow doesn’t seem to understand that Alabama law charges any person who participates in a crime with the crime.

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