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7 Things: Debt-ceiling calamity for Biden; ‘school choice’ moves forward; and more …

7. Target tucks their tucking swimsuit and other transgender memorabilia for kids in the back of their store after outrage at the targeting of children and the promotion of the transgender lifestyle has led to people confronting employees. Target is listening and reportedly called an emergency meeting where they said they did not want another “Bud Light situation” at their stores. Hilariously, they are also worried about threats and safety matters that do not exist.

6. An Alabama couple decided to dump 500 gallons of oil on Alabama roadways and have been arrested. It started in Lawrence County, went to Morgan County, and into Decatur. It required 70 man-hours and 37 tons of sand to clean up the mess.

5. Two guys who should probably be inside Alabama prisons want to commute the death sentences of 146 killers that they did not commute when they had the chance. Embarrassed Govs. Robert Bentley and Don Seigelman wrote, “We missed our chance to confront the death penalty and have lived to regret it, but it is not too late for today’s elected officials to do the morally right thing.” Morally right thing? Oops.

4. Alabama State Rep. Fred L. Plump Jr. (R-Fairfield) has resigned his seat after being charged with wire fraud and obstruction of justice involving the Jefferson County Community Service Fund and a non-profit he led. There is another legislator named in the charging documents as “Legislator 1” so this is probably not over. But Plump pled guilty and agreed to resign from office but could still face a penalty of 20 years in prison plus a $250,000 fine.

3. Looks like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in the 2024 GOP primary presidential election. He will announce today on Twitter with Elon Musk hosting him. This is either the dumbest thing ever or the smartest thing ever, pretend which one you think it is based on who you support.

2. A small update to the Alabama Accountability Act is expected to be the version of “school choice” Alabama Republicans will execute this session. It raises the income cap for those eligible, increases the money available for scholarships by $10 million, and most importantly gives Alabama Republicans the ability to say they did something on school choice. They did not.

1. As the debt-ceiling conversation languishes and the media tries to figure out how to defend President Joe Biden who declared he would not negotiate for months, a new poll shows that “A majority of Americans — six-in-ten Americans — want to raise the debt ceiling ONLY if spending cuts are included as well.” The talks have been called “productive” now that the talks have started.


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