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7 Things: Alabama Gov. Ivey’s opponents are desperate, American press is terrible, migrant caravan reaches border, and more …

1. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner exposed the biases of the press, also exposed them as thin-skinned

— The worst joke of the evening, which exposed the press as elitist, defensive, detached, cruel, blind and made-up of biased Democrats, was a joke about Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that would ruin the career of any conservative: “Like, what’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women?”

— This same weekend was filled with hand-wringing about the 1st Amendment, whines about an “infection” of mistrust, and journalists making excuses for MSNBC’s obvious lying because stopping Trump is more important.

2. Weak political games in the governor’s race show how strong Governor Kay Ivey is

— Sen. Bill Hightower released his medical records in a gambit to get the media to talk about rumors about the governor’s health, it worked

— Mayor Tommy Battle’s campaign is making a baseless-complaint that Kay Ivey took a campaign donation from a PAC that took money from a guy in 2017 who was just appointed as the state superintendent.

3. Americans cheer on an invading force while the media plays up their sad song

— As people on the American side of the border held signs welcoming the “caravan” of migrants, about 50 attempted to enter the country to be told by border officials they would not process anyone without documentation and they have to stay in Mexico.

— As we pretend the border is closed to them, the fact is the crossing admits about 75,000 people a day into the country and can only take so many asylum seekers at a time due to space.

4. All $30 million in tax credits are being used this year in record time, allowing 4,000 kids and parents school choice

— In 2017, it took until December 31st for students and parents to claim scholarships for private schools that are available via the Alabama Accountability Act; this year they are already gone.

— The AEA’s Susan Kennedy fears lawmakers will call to extend the tax credit for more students.

5. As Trump’s personality continues to create chaos, he and Senator Mitch McConnell fill the court with conservatives  

— While Republicans think they are losing, the Republican-led Senate confirmed Trump’s 15th appeals court nominee, the most of any of the last 5 presidents at this time.

— The judges are young, with eight in their 40s and seven in their 50s. They can serve for life.

6. Campaign Trump comes out swinging and offers Senator Jon Tester of Montana some of his own medicine

— After a coordinated smear campaign to take down Admiral Ronny Jackson’s appointment to lead the VA, that included using CNN as a weapon, a Democrat senator finds himself in Trump’s crosshairs.

— Trump, probably lying, said “I know things” about Sen. Jon Tester that will make his re-election in a very pro-Trump Montana much more difficult.

7. The House Congressional Committee released their report on Trump-Russia and found no collusion; no one cares

— The report found absolutely no evidence showing that the Trump campaign “colluded, co-ordinated, or conspired with the Russian government.”

— Democrat are not happy with this, called the report a “white-wash” and “partisan” – they will continue to investigate but have still not confirmed any collusion.