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If people are going to allege that Gov. Ivey is sick, stop pussyfooting around and do it

When then-candidate Donald Trump was raising questions about Hillary Clinton’s health, he had the guts to make those allegations himself.

One of our gubernatorial candidates is 73-years-old. She also has what most people believe is an insurmountable lead, low-unemployment numbers, and an overall good reputation after taking over for a lecherous old fool. Because there are very few public policy positions to hit the governor on, we are going to start seeing people imply she is in ill-health:

Why this matters: Make no bones about it, Sen. Bill Hightower is attempting to jump-start a conversation about the governor’s health without straight-up saying he wants people to talk about Ivey’s health.

Whitmire, on the other hand, is a fraud. That’s not a question. But if he is going to imply that there are rumors, he should investigate them before offering them up to a social media sewer for his followers to spread.

When the Roy Moore scandal broke, members of the Alabama press went on cable news and claimed that rumors of his alleged-misdeeds existed for years. They did not.

IF people want to make Ivey’s health an issue, then do it. But do it honestly, make that allegation and force her to defend it.

The details:

— There are no requirements to release medical records to run for governor of the State of Alabama.

— Ivey has already knocked down a round of rumors about her health involving a hospital stay in 2015.

— Alabama’s governor is the 3rd most popular governor in the country.

In an early poll, the GOP gubernatorial race shows Ivey with 52 percent in a four-way GOP gubernatorial primary race against Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and evangelist Scott Dawson.

@DaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show from 7-11 AM weekdays on WVNN in Huntsville.