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7 Things: Alabama politicians react to Sen. John McCain’s death, Rep. Mo Brooks continues pointing out dangers of illegal immigration, Trump’s approval rating unchanged but not great and more …

7. Local elections are around the corner. A particularly bruising attack is out in a Huntsville School Board race

— Local school board races rarely see the kind of attack ads we see in larger partisan races, but a race in Huntsville has accusations from Huntsville City School Board member Walker McGinnis leveling some pretty substantial allegations.

— The attacks, which have been confirmed, accused candidate Ryan Renaud of drug possession, irresponsible financial behavior and failure to fill out campaign disclosure forms.

6. “Fact-checkers” continue to try and help Sen. Bill Nelson cover for his lying. They aren’t helping him enough

— The Russians/Republicans vs. American storyline is one that American MSM cannot ignore, nor will they debunk it when Sen. Bill Nelson is clearly lying about its occurrence.

— Even though Nelson has provided nothing to back up his allegation that “Russians are in Florida’s records,” Politifact still insists that he’s not full of it, but rather, he has just “not given evidence.”

5. Mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida at a Madden video game tournament

— The shooting was carried out by David Katz, a 24-year-old player from Baltimore who came to Jacksonville to play in the tournament and lost before he opened fire.

— The shooting killed three and injured at least nine before Katz killed himself.

4. After a rough week for President Donald Trump, his approval rating remains roughly unchanged

— President Trump’s week saw his former campaign manager and personal attorney guilty of multiple crimes, and also included reporting that two personal confidants were granted immunity for information.

— Even with all that bad news, it appears, the president’s poll numbers remain in the low 40s and show no sign of changing.

3. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks continues to talk about the dangers of illegal immigrants killing Americans after an attempted abduction in Jasper

— A 22-year-old illegal immigrant with two names, Bernardo Castro-Gabriel and Omar Sanchez, has been charged with second-degree kidnapping and enticing a child after trying to lure multiple minors to his car.

— Brooks was outspoken last week after Mollie Tibbetts was killed in Iowa and he sought to bring attention to the Jasper incident as well.

2. U.S. Senator John McCain remembered by Alabama politicians as social media brings out the absolute worst in all of us

Long-time colleague Sen. Richard Shelby released the following statement:

“John McCain was a brave American and a true hero – one who honorably served our country for 60 years.”

— Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL-01) shared a Tweet about the time he and McCain visited the Hanoi Hilton. He said, “Last year, I had the opportunity to visit the “Hanoi Hilton” with Senator McCain. It was a remarkable experience that I will never forget. May his service to our country never be forgotten. His family, friends, and colleagues will be in our prayers.”

1. Senator McCain’s death will have real impacts on the SCOTUS nomination and 2018

— With liberals demanding that supporters “knock down” the doors of U.S. Senators, the Republican Arizona governor will appoint a replacement that will give Republicans another vote in Kavanaugh’s favor.

— Two of the candidates in the Arizona Senate primary to replace Sen. Jeff Flake have made absurd comments since McCain announced he was discontinuing treatment, which will make their path through the general harder.

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