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7 Things: Alabama leaders slam border plan; Trump grabs biggest lead in NBC poll; and more …

7. After wins in Alabama to keep minors from transitioning, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is now weighing in at the Supreme Court on the same issue. Marshall argues that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and their aggressive agenda of transitioning minors with very little commitment to “evidence-based research” and Marshall specifically cites the “European movement distancing itself from WPATH’s unproven approach to care.”

6. President Joe Biden dominantly won South Carolina’s primary and even though there was no real competition, Biden beat Marianne Williamson and U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) by garnering 96.2% of the vote. The campaign is treating this like a giant deal. it is not, in fact, a big deal, but this was the reason the campaign refused to participate in Iowa and New Hampshire because they wanted a huge victory with a predominantly black electorate in South Carolina.

5. A 16-year-old girl allegedly fired a handgun, injuring two students, at LeFlore High School in Mobile last week. She was arrested and will be charged as an adult but her name won’t be released because she is a minor. Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch and Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood, believe a new law passed shielding minors’ names that was passed in 2021 is a bad law and needs to be changed so the public can know what is going on.

4. For some reason, Democrats have now taken to referring to Education Savings Accounts as a “voucher scheme” in an attempt to derail the momentum the school choice movement has gained, so expect to hear that one in the media. This issue will allegedly be Gov. Kay Ivey’s top issue of this legislative session and we will see its scope during her State of the State speech.

3. The importance of polls, both in shaping the media coverage and the electorate’s perception of the race, will hold more relevance as it appears the 2024 presidential election becomes a 2020 rematch and there is some good news for former President Donald Trump. Trump’s 5-point lead over President Joe Biden is now larger than it has ever been in an NBC News poll as “Bidenomics” continues to be a hard sell.

2. A bill that the media and their Democrats are declaring a “bipartisan” border bill, is neither of those things because it gives $60 billion to Ukraine and $14 billion to Israel, with only $20 billion going to border security. But wait, it is worse, it also allows up to 1.85 million illegals to enter before anything happens, gives $930 million to non-government entities and municipalities even though that does nothing to stop illegal immigration, and only allows some enforcement money to be unlocked if the chaos continues further.

1. Alabama’s leaders are obviously not happy about this border bill, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) says he is an “immovable NO” and he is not the only one. Tuberville added, “This bill DESTROYS American sovereignty. It will weaken immigration laws for decades and handcuff the next President that actually wants to secure our borders and defend our country. This bill has been crafted to solidify the invasion of illegals into the United States of America.”

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