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You’ve never seen ‘catfishing’ like this viral video from an Alabama river

(Video Above: Alabamians Jason Frost and Brandon Key rescue two kittens from the Warrior River)

Alabamians Jason Frost and Brandon Key were enjoying a Saturday on the Warrior river bass fishing when the pair saw something unexpected in the water.

“Never in my life have I seen something like that,” said Jason Frost, as he pulled a sodden kitten out of the Warrior River this weekend.

Yes, a kitten. As in a juvenile cat.

“The Warrior River never fails to surprise me,” Frost wrote on Facebook. “This puts a new spin on the term ‘catfishing.'”

Since being posted Saturday the video has already garnered more than 250,000 views, and is closing in on 10,000 shares.

“We’re out here trying to fish, and there’s (expletive) cats swimming toward the boat because some (expletive) probably put them out here,” Frost said as a second cat made its way toward the boat.

The two kittens, which Frost and Key speculate were dumped by the riverside, have already found new homes.

Frost said he has received messages from across the country thanking him for rescuing the two felines.

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