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What does it truly mean to Sabbath with God, and give Him everything?

Jonathan Sparks is a successful entrepreneur in Dallas who has learned directly from the Lord how to Sabbath with Him.

We are called to operate our bodies, souls, and spirits from a place of rest, but too often, that is not the case today in our fast paced world.

Jonathan and his wife learned what surrendering their lives to God meant for their family, and their business, and now they are sharing that testimony around the globe.

After a powerful time with the Lord, the couple fired everyone on their team, and started over from scratch, giving their business to God.

Since then, they have seen exponential increase in their business, and they have realized they have a call to ministry at the same time.

They have traveled extensively over the last few years, sowing into areas that need to see Jesus in operation, in word and deed.

Listen and be inspired.

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