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We have to be able to call liars ‘liars’

At this point, to any fair-minded person watching the slow-motion disaster happening in Washington D.C., it is beyond crystal clear that the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are questionable at best.

That reading is charitable to the “victim.” What is obviously more likely is the fact that she is lying.

If she is not lying, Democrats have done her such a disservice that it appears that she is lying.

The timeline here is insane:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein holds an allegation that would rock any confirmation hearing until after the hearing is done.

The media, Democrats and even Republicans called for a hearing to give the witness her opportunity to testify.

Her attorney, after not answering for days, declares that the accuser just can’t possibly testify, and demands a never-happening FBI investigation.

We will watch, for decades, as the media either imply or outright declare Kavanaugh is a sexual assaulter every time he is mentioned in the news. It will be especially bad in any instance where he rules “against women.”

They still do it to Clarence Thomas, even though progressive icon Joe Biden was the leader of the Judiciary Committee.  Biden found Thomas’ accusers’ witnesses to not be credible, so he cut a deal to block them, and the Democrat-controlled Senate confirmed him.

Facts don’t matter.

Since that hearing, the media has implied Justice Thomas got away with it; he was guilty and they all know it. His accuser was wronged.

But what is more likely is, just like Thomas’ accuser, Kavanaugh’s accuser thought the allegation would be enough to derail the confirmation.

Reports at the time said Thomas’ accuser “was told by Senate staffers her signed affidavit alleging sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas would be the instrument that ‘quietly and behind the scenes’ would force him to withdraw his name.”

It wasn’t.

It’s not.

America should not be in the act of destroying someone’s life for political gain with no evidence. Make no mistake, this is destruction.

Liars aren’t called liars and maybe that is because it’s impolite and, in spite of all the evidence we have to pretend that we believe that maybe there is a small thread of a tiny chance she is telling the truth.

Kavanaugh’s wife will always be married to a sexual assaulter, his kids will always be taunted, his record will always be tainted and no evidence backs the charge.

It’s despicable.

Now, the accuser doesn’t want to testify, but her enablers want the guy who denies every accusation to testify? So they can say he partied in high school and that Kavanaugh must have done it when they were all black-out drunk?


Fair-minded people know this is garbage. It surely doesn’t rise to a strong enough case to ruin someone.

It is women who should be furious about all of this. They are the ones who will have their legitimate claims questioned because powerful people thought they could use women to derail the will of the people without any actual evidence.

Enjoy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN

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