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We believe in Alabama

Yellowhammer News was founded on the need for a news outlet to reflect the state of Alabama, its people and their values.

With great pleasure, we recently read an article by a San Francisco freelance writer chronicling Yellowhammer’s roots and ascent to become the go-to source for news and analysis in this state.

The article, published in the academic publication Columbia Journalism Review, confirmed for us that we have stayed true to our mission and our work is having a broad-ranging impact throughout Alabama and beyond.

It is truly gratifying – and just plain cool – to know we are moving the needle in such a significant way that people across the country are paying attention.

While academics and the elite liberal media criticize us, we take it as an affirmation that the hard work and hours put in by the Yellowhammer team take into account the needs, wants and desires of you, our faithful readers.

One such member of the elite liberal media made our point for us in the article.

AL.com’s John Hammontree said, “If the mainstream press weren’t out breaking news stories then I don’t think Yellowhammer would have anything to write about, other than whatever Republican talking points they get emailed to them each morning.”

While obviously his exaggerated metaphor is silly (although, we do work hard to get the inside scoop for our readers!), Hammontree’s snarky comment drives home the more important point: what our readers think and find interesting about Alabama matters to us.

You, the reader, can get your news and information in so many places these days. At Yellowhammer, we refuse to dismiss your beliefs, your values and your interests as trivial, as so many other news outlets do.

Our company came into the business knowing it had a fight on its hands. The old-guard academics and liberal elite have to protect their turf. They have special prizes to hand out and agendas to push. They need all the space they can get to tell you what you should actually believe.

At the same time, we have grown.

Besides a one-stop news site, Yellowhammer also now broadcasts its radio news network on 35 stations around Alabama. We have numerous events we host in communities up and down the state. We also make great efforts to deliver information directly to you in our email newsletter and on our social media platforms.

We hope you get an opportunity to at least skim the lengthy piece here. It delivered tremendous encouragement to us that our team’s effort and focus continues to deliver the results we seek to achieve.

Thank you for being a dedicated reader!

We believe in the people of Alabama and the vast potential of our state.

Tim Howe and Allison Ross are the proud owners of Yellowhammer News

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