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Watch: Incredible ‘Ode to Alabama Small Towns’ shows what makes the state a ‘Sweet Home’

Outsiders might not understand the culture or way of life in rural Alabama. However, a new video is showing why Alabamians should be proud of its small towns and everything that comes along with living in one.

This Is Alabama on Friday released a video presented by Alfa Insurance entitled, “An Ode to Alabama Small Towns.”

“We’re not hick,” the video begins. “We’re not country. We’re not bumpkins. Or yokels. Or quaint. But you can call us small town.”

Showing off some of Alabama’s iconic towns and the hardworking people that drive them, the approximately two-minute, 45-second video explains why being from a Yellowhammer State small town is a badge of honor.

“We’re not complicated. Or big-city-slick,” the video emphasizes. “We don’t need noise and bustle and bright lights. We’re small town. And that’s good enough for us.”


Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn