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Want to be part of the ‘one percent’ in Alabama? Here’s what it’ll take

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Thanks largely to the Occupy Wall Street movement, there’s been a lot of talk in the US about income inequality and the “one percent,” a term referring to the highest earners in our country.

But have you ever wondered how much you would have to earn in order to be part of the so-called one percent in Alabama?

Business Insider, using data from the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey of household income, estimated the income you would have to earn to be part of the one percent in each state.

So what household income puts you in the richest one percent of Alabama earners?


According to this same set of data, the median household income in the Yellowhammer State state is $41,574, which means you would have to make more than seven times that number if you want to be in the top one percent.

“These figures should be interpreted as being very rough estimates,” wrote Business Insider’s Andy Kiersz. “Surveys like the ACS frequently have difficulties in capturing the true nature of the very top of the income spectrum.”

Here’s a map showing what you’d have to earn in every other state (click to enlarge):


The state with the lowest household income required to reach one percent status is Idaho with $274,000. Washington D.C. comes in at the highest with $688,000.

While these figures seem daunting, it’s important to put things in a global perspective. According to globalrichlist.com, If you earn Alabama’s median household income—$41,574—you are in the top 0.51 percent of the richest people in the world by income.

Congratulations, you’re a one percenter.

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