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The University of Central Florida’s ‘national championship’ win could bring Auburn license plates to Florida


(Screenshot / CATECOMM)


Down in Tallahassee this week, a bill was filed in the Florida Legislature to create a specialty license plate recognizing the University of Central Florida as national champions for their 2017 undefeated season.

That legislation also includes a Florida license plate for Auburn fans.

The UCF Knights defeated the Auburn Tigers 34-27 on New Year’s Day in Atlanta’s Peach Bowl to cap off a 13-0 perfect season.

Days later, despite Alabama beating Georgia in the game for what most considered to be the national championship, Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued a proclamation declaring the University of Central Florida national champions.

Along with that proclamation came HB 1359, a bill sponsored by Auburn alum and Tampa Republican State Rep. Jamie Grant and UCF alum and Orlando Democrat State Rep. Guillermo Smith. If passed, it would make available to Floridians the UCF national championship plate and the Auburn vanity license plate.


Grant has backed past efforts to bring Auburn plates to Florida, all of which have come up short.

However, riding on the coattails of a University of Central Florida “national championship” plate, some think this bill has a better chance of being passed into law.

Behind the scenes, Democratic consultant Kevin Cate, the founder of the Tallahassee-based public relations firm CATECOMM and also an Auburn grad, has been heading a PR campaign.

He has created websites, one for those backing a UCF “national championship” plate and one for those backing the Auburn plate, that shows proponents of the bill how to contact their members of the Florida legislature and urge them to support it.

Jeff Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and works as the editor of Breitbart TV. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeff_poor.