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Tuscaloosa man faces capital murder in officer’s death

A man faces capital murder charges in the death of an Alabama police officer.

Police said Tuesday that 20-year-old Luther Bernard Watkins is charged with capital murder in connection with the death of 40-year-old Tuscaloosa police officer Dornell Cousette.Authorities say Cousette was shot and killed Monday night while attempting to arrest Watkins who was wanted for robbery and other charges.

Lt. Jack Kennedy says that Cousette had received information that Watkins, who had multiple felony warrants, was at a Tuscaloosa home.

Police say Cousette drove by the home and Watkins fled inside.

Kennedy says Cousette got out of his car and pursued Watkins into the home.

Kennedy says “almost immediately gunfire erupted inside.”

Watkins was wounded. Cousette was killed.

Cousette was an Army veteran who had been with the police department for 13 years. He was engaged and had two daughters.
 (Associated Press, copyright 2019)

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