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Tuberville, Britt backed ‘fair share’ requirement for NATO

More than a dozen GOP senators, including Sens. Tommy Tuberville and Katie Britt, supported an effort to tie U.S. military aid to Ukraine to NATO members’ defense spending.

Republican Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) brought an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act calling for the “fair share,” but, it was rejected 71-13.

The United States has provided more than $40 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, including an additional $1.3 billion announced this week.

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The tactic of pressuring NATO members to shoulder more of the alliance’s financial burdens, employed especially by the previous presidential administration, proved effective when based in an affirmation of core alliance principles. 

Europe and Canada increased their combined defense spending by 5.6% between 2015 and 2019, for example.

Currently, nine NATO members meet or surpass the 2 percent target, seven are within 0.5 percent of it, and all 28 have ramped up defense spending since 2014.

“For it to be a collective endeavor, they’ve got to pay their way — they haven’t been,” Lee said. “This would incentivize them to do so.”

Grayson Everett is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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