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Tommy Tuberville: Make America fiscally fit again

Federal spending is snowballing out of control. The U.S. government’s national debt is skyrocketing, recently hitting a record high of $23 trillion. While hardworking Republican Senators in Washington are proposing budget solutions, clueless Democrats on the other side of the isle are pushing for bills that would increase government spending by billions of dollars more. Our country’s current spending level is not only unsustainable but also detrimental to our future. It’s time to balance the budget.

Let’s be honest — no one enjoys being put on a restrictive budget. But creating a smart plan for allocating funds is crucial for financial prosperity. We all have experience budgeting on the micro-level by managing our families’ household expenses. Cutting back on excessive spending on things like dining out, for example, seems painful at the time, but saving money for our children’s future college educations is worth it in the long run. I’ve also been responsible for managing large budgets during my time as head coach. No one is exempt from budgeting — not even the federal government. It’s imperative that we take action now to preserve our nation’s economy for the future.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul has proposed an attainable solution to our debt problem: the Penny Plan. With this bill, the government would spend one penny less for every on-budget dollar that they spend for five years, and over this time period, a balance would be achieved. As a part of the plan, Social Security wouldn’t be affected, and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) would be increased so Americans can cover health-care costs. The Penny Plan is a no-brainer, and I’ll be a strong Republican vote in the Senate to help pass Dr. Paul’s bill into law.

It’s up to the levelheaded, fiscally conservative voices in Washington to support President Trump’s agenda, and I’ll use my Republican vote in the Senate to support legislation that helps maintain our economy’s upward climb. Less spending and smaller government are the keys to our nation’s financial success, and a robust economy is the key to maintaining the United States’ position as the strongest country in the world.

Tommy Tuberville is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama