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Tom Greene: Is the institution of traditional marriage a forgone concept?

In today’s world, especially among young adults, it’s easy to believe that the institution of marriage is losing favor and popularity.

According to columnist, Tom Greene, there are certainly statistics to support that theory. However, he believes there may be even more data that argues against it.

One new factor reportedly hurting the marriage rate nationally is called the ‘situationship.’ The term implies that you are dating someone and there is a sexual relationship without a commitment. Greene also said statistics show that the number of “Never Married” adults is at an all-time high. In 2018, 35% of adults reported never being married.


Greene believes there are several statistics that prove marriage is not in fact ‘dead.’

For example, at the turn of the century, 124 years ago, most people were married around age 26. In the year 2000, the average age for marriage was surprisingly 26, as well.

In 1900, the average life expectancy was only 47 years old, which meant that by the time you were married, over half of your life was over. In contrast, by the year 2000 the average American life expectancy had grown to around 77 years, equating to roughly only 36% of your life span. That is equal to getting married at age 17 in 1900 which means that people are technically getting married younger today than they were at beginning of the 20th century.

Greene also said that the common number indicating that 50% of marriages today end in divorce is inaccurate and that the real number is around 20%. He also revealed that today’s rate is 55% lower than 1979.


Greene then drew attention to what he called a Black Swan event, something he believes could begin a “violent cultural shift” that would reinvigorate the popularity of weddings, marriages, and having a family.

He used Prince Charles and Princess Dianna’s 1981 Royal wedding as an ideal example of what a Black Swan event looks like.

One specific event in the U.S. says Green, could produce that shift.

“The Black Swan event will be an American Royal wedding…and the birth of a royal heir.”

He elaborated on his comment.

“Think of how our spirits might rise by focusing on something positive for the country for a change,” said Greene. “How young women and girls might swoon over the Prince and imagine bring a princess in a wedding gown. How young men might see a role model making a lifetime commitment in front of God & country.”

“Yes, our spirits would rise.”

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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