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Three Missing Alabama Inmates Have Been Captured

Abraham Lopez, Jose Rodiguez, and Jose Martinez

As reported by WHNT News, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office has arrested the three inmates that escaped from the Marshall County Jail over the weekend.

It’s currently unclear how the inmates escaped. However, authorities discovered that they were gone after a routine roll call check Sunday night. Those missing from the roll included Jose G. Martinez, Jose Gilberton Rodiguez, and Abraham Lopez.

After searching for the missing men, authorities found Martinez first. He had fled to a relative’s house in Scottsboro, and police placed him into custody upon their search of the property.

Rodiguez and Lopez were caught a few hours later after they attempted to rob an individual in Guntersville.

In addition to the capture of the missing inmates, Belinda May Houk and Hilario Carmona were also arrested for aiding Martinez after his escape. Houk and Carmona allegedly picked up Martinez at some point after he went missing and drove him to his home. They are both charged with facilitation an escape.

Prior to their escape, the three men were housed in a minimum security facility and were only charged with minor drug-related offenses.