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The media’s reversal on McCain is a transparent attack on Trump

From the announcement of Sen. John McCain’s terminal illness, the media realized that his willingness to “reach across the aisle” would be a weapon they could wield against  President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

McCain was one who called out “fellow Republicans” for their more outlandish speech.

You may have seen the following clip recently on numerous news stations:

During the 2008 election, McCain defended the honor of Barack Obama. That race would see the media accuse McCain of being a corrupt, racist, philanderer whose lust for power was only eclipsed by his lust for Iraqi blood.

The media finally deems McCain a good and decent man, while treating the current Republican Party as a conglomeration of racists and monsters led by Donald Trump, who they believe is unworthy of leading the party of McCain.

We should all reach out to “our better angels.”

This might mean more if the current media was not pounding the current occupant of the Oval Office as a “Russian asset,” or at least a conspirator in Russian meddling that stole the election. Rarely, if ever, do you see these media personalities push back against liberal guests who make these assertions without evidence. Instead, they treat them as facts that have not been proven yet.

“What would John McCain do in those situations?” is a question that they never ask themselves.

Another clip we are seeing is McCain’s farewell speech to the Senate, where he basically singles out talk radio as a divisive force in this nation.

He does not mention the CNN and MSNBC hosts, and they surely don’t think he is talking about them. There are no calls to reign in the commentary on those channels.

This is all about Donald Trump and how they can point out how uncouth he is, which they aren’t wrong, but they really should stop pretending like they thought McCain was an acceptable Republican, because when he was a threat to Barack Obama, the liberal media did as it always does with Republicans — they tried to destroy him.

It’s easy to lionize a man when he is dead. To see what these people truly thought about McCain, look at their coverage of him when he was a threat to their worldview.

@TheDaleJackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a conservative talk show  from 7-11 am weekdays on WVNN


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