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Tax Day 2017: Where does Alabama rank in how much dough gets sent to Uncle Sam?

The Associated Press ran the numbers on which states paid the most in taxes last year. The leader by a large margin was the District of Columbia. D.C. residents paid an average of $36,569 in taxes. Alabama, on the other hand, was 47th on the list ahead of South Carolina, New Mexico, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Our state paid an average of $4,874 in taxes per resident in 2016.

On average, those who live and breathe in close proximity to the federal government each day fork over more than those who live outside the beltway. Given many of the wasteful ways the feds misuse our tax revenue, this should not be a surprise.

Here is the AP’s graphic listing each state and how much tax is paid per person.

These numbers include federal income taxes, employment taxes, trust taxes, and estate taxes.

The article also lists Alabama as one of the big winners when it comes to the amount of return gained on each dollar of taxes paid. Wallethub recently ranked this state as the fourth-most dependent state on the federal government.

The deadline for filing taxes this year was moved to April 18th due to the 15th falling on a weekend and Monday, the 17th, being Emancipation Day.

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