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  • Black Bear Sightings Continue to Increase in Alabama

    Excerpt from an Outdoor Alabama news release:

    Add Jackson, Limestone, Marshall, Morgan and St. Clair counties to the growing list of black bear sightings in Alabama in 2018. In recent years, bears have also been recorded in Chambers, Elmore, Jefferson, Lee, Macon and Tallapoosa counties. These recent sightings are more evidence of the state’s expanding black bear population.

    Biologists from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources say the increase in sightings may be due to a combination of factors including changes in bear distribution, habitat fragmentation, seasonal movement and the summer mating season. However, most spring and summer bear sightings are of juvenile males being pushed out of their previous ranges by their mothers and other adult males.

    Historically, a small population of black bears have remained rooted in Mobile and Washington counties. Baldwin, Covington and Escambia counties on the Florida border host yet another population of bears. In northeast Alabama, bears migrating from northwest Georgia have established a small but viable population.

    “While seeing a black bear in Alabama is uncommon and exciting, it is no cause for alarm,” said Marianne Hudson, Conservation Outreach Specialist for the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF). “There has never been a black bear attack on a human in Alabama.”

    Black bears are typically secretive, shy animals that will avoid human interaction. Occasionally, a curious bear will explore a human-populated area in search of food.

    “If you are lucky enough to see a bear, simply leave it alone,” Hudson said.

  • Rep. Byrne Releases Statement on Russia

    From a Bradley Byrne news release:

    Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL) issued the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, this morning in Helsinki.

    Congressman Byrne said: “I applaud President Trump’s decision to start a dialogue with President Putin and I’m glad he is making it a priority. However, we must remember that Russia is not an ally – economically or militarily. They are an adversary. The United States should not tolerate actions by the Russians that intervene in our domestic affairs or pose a threat to our national security.”

  • Alabama Recreational Red Snapper Season Closes July 22

    Excerpt from an Outdoor Alabama news release:

    The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division (MRD) announces the closure of Alabama state waters to the harvest of red snapper by private anglers and state-licensed commercial party boats at 11:59 p.m. Sunday, July 22, 2018. The quota of 984,291 pounds issued under NOAA Fisheries’ Alabama Recreational Red Snapper Exempted Fishing Permit (EFP) is expected to be met by the closure date.

    “Alabama anglers fished extremely hard on the good weather days during the season,” said Marine Resources Director Scott Bannon. “That level of effort, coupled with larger average-sized fish harvested this year as compared to last year, resulted in a daily harvest rate two times higher than 2017, which prompted an earlier than anticipated closure.

    “The purpose of the EFP was to demonstrate Alabama’s ability to establish a season and monitor landings within a fixed quota and I think we have shown we can do that,” said Bannon.

    Anglers are reminded of the following:

    — Possession of red snapper in Alabama waters while state waters are closed is prohibited regardless of where the fish were harvested.
    — Alabama anglers may fish in federal waters off the coast of Alabama (outside of 9 nm) and land in a state that is open to the landing of red snapper, but they must adhere to the open state’s rules and not transit in Alabama state waters with red snapper on board.
    — The season for federally-permitted charter for-hire vessels will close at 12:01 a.m. July 22.

Conservatives must not leave the culture war battle to ‘summertime soldiers and sunshine patriots’


There are certain fundamental truths in life that neither the liberal elite nor the left-wing media nor the activists federal courts can change no matter how hard they try.

For example, I know that marriage ordained by God can only occur between a man and a woman. I know that individuals should use the rest room correlating to the gender they were born with and not the one they pretend to be. And I know that tearing down all of the historic statues, memorials, and markers in the world will not erase our history – it simply prevents future generations from learning the lessons it offers.

The fact of the matter is that our nation is engaged in a prolonged culture war in which the liberals extremists on the east and west coasts of the United States want to dictate the morals, values, and bedrock beliefs of everyone who lives in-between.


We must not let them win.

The Declaration of Independence says that our rights are endowed by our Creator and that the freedom for independence is entitled by the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

I believe the Creator referenced in this revered document is the God to whom we, as Christians, devote our lives and spirits and the same God the founders worshipped when they held regular prayer and church services in the U.S. House of Representatives chamber, a practice that continued until after the Civil War.

If you agree, as the founders did, that God is the basis of our nation, we need only to look at Genesis to see His original plan for marriage – one man represented by Adam, and one woman represented by Eve.

Marriage is an institution created and ordained by God. It was not created by man, government, or an activist federal judge.

Every society that has allowed the marriage covenant to be destroyed eventually withered away and vanished. Our society is slipping away, and it is time to take a stand.

We must also hold the line against those who are working to mainstream crossdressers and transvestites by making accommodations that include allowing them to use the public restrooms of their choice. Even worse, some school systems across the nation are allowing minors who claim to be “transgender” to shower in facilities reserved for the opposite sex.

Gender is not a choice. It is a fact that is determined by biology and by God, not by how masculine or feminine you feel when you wake up in the morning. Dressing like a pirate doesn’t make you a pirate, dressing like an astronaut doesn’t make you an astronaut, and dressing like the opposite sex doesn’t make you a man or a woman.

For that same reason, I fully support President Trump’s ban on allowing “transgender” soldiers to serve in the U.S. armed forces. The purpose of the military is to protect our national interests, repel attacks on our country, and preserve peace through strength. Accomplishing these missions becomes infinitely more difficult when military leaders must worry about G.I. Joe demanding to be treated like G.I. Jane.

The culture war has prompted liberals to reach into our nation’s history and demand the removal of any statue, marker, or relic that offends their delicate sensibilities. Colleges have painted over murals of our founding fathers and other groups are vandalizing statues relating to Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, and the Buffalo Soldiers, an African-American military regiment that fought against Native Americans who resisted the settlement of the Great Plains.

Demanding that men and women born more than two centuries ago must strictly conform to the accepted traditions and social structures of today is patently unfair and intellectually dishonest.

Because radical liberal elements are working to tear down monuments to our past and erase entire sections of our shared American history, I was proud to join my fellow lawmakers in passing the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, which prevents the removal of any memorial that is at least 40-years-old,.

If conservatives are going to win the culture war, we must elect public officials who are willing to speak the truth, abandon political correctness, and stand toe-to-toe against the liberals who attack us. I think this column proves I am willing to do all of those things.

The consequences of losing the culture war are too dire to leave the battle to what Thomas Paine called “summertime soldiers and sunshine patriots.”

If elected your lieutenant governor, I will shoulder the conservative fight and preserve the Alabama values that make our state such a great place to live, work, and raise our children.

Will Ainsworth is a Republican from Guntersville. 

1 year ago

WATCH: Condoleezza Rice slams liberals of “The View” on Russia conspiracy theories

NEW YORK, N.Y. — As a guest on ABC’s “The View” earlier this week, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice rebuffed liberal conspiracy theories that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin threw the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump.

Rice politely discussed the hosts’ allegations surrounding this assertion. In particular, they seemed fixated on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and their ties to Russia. However, when they predictably pressed her admit that Trump’s victory was illegitimate, she refused to budge.

About seven minutes into the interview, co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “But Madame Secretary, if he [Putin] indeed did engage in these kinds of tactics in the election, then the very legitimacy of our election is at issue isn’t it?”

Rice’s response was immediate and definitive.

“No,” Rice said. “I trust the people who voted in Wisconsin, and Texas, and Alabama, and California to have voted on the basis of who they thought was best going to represent their interests. So I’m not going to question the legitimacy of their vote because Vladimir Putin tried to interfere in the elections. That’s just a step that I’m don’t think we should take. Let’s trust our fellow citizens to have been smart enough to vote for the people they ought to be voting for.”

The “blame Russia” narrative emerged among liberal camps shocked at the tremendous upset of Hillary Clinton. According to a new book written by Clinton campaign insiders, the idea was hatched “within 24 hours” of the election loss.

Born in Birmingham, Ala., Rice served as the National Security Advisor for President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, and later followed Colin Powell as Bush’s Secretary of State. She was the first female NSA and the first female African-American Secretary of State. Currently, she works as a professor at Stanford University and as a fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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Alabama House approves bill to protect historical monuments

Confederate memorial in Linn Park
Confederate memorial in Linn Park

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama House of Representatives passed a bill late last week that will make it significantly harder to remove historical monuments from government property. The so-called Alabama Memorial Preservation Act was approved by a vote of 72-29 after intense opposition from Democrats.

Democrats openly called the bill racist, but bill sponsor Rep. Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City) says that the purpose of the bill is to protect architecturally significant structures, such as the state capitol building.

Last week, the City of New Orleans, Louisiana removed several confederate memorials from public grounds, leading to many protests and counter-protests at the sites. According to the mayor of New Orleans, the monuments were removed because they “failed to appropriately reflect the values of diversity and inclusion that make New Orleans strong today.”

Dozens of cities across the state of Alabama contain their own Confederate monuments that were constructed post-reconstruction. Montgomery, for instance, has the Monument to Confederate Soldiers and Sailors on the grounds of the State Capitol. Partially funded with state grants, the monument has stood since 1886, and the person who laid the cornerstone was none other than CSA President Jefferson Davis.

Montgomery is also home to numerous civil rights movement monuments including the Civil Rights Memorial, located on Washington Avenue. The granite display contains the names of 41 people who died during the fight for civil rights.

1 year ago

Alt-Right leader whose speech was shut down by Auburn University claims he will still show up

AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn University has cancelled the planned speech by undisputed white nationalist Richard Spencer that was originally scheduled for Tuesday night. In a statement posted online, the University said the event was canceled “based on legitimate concerns and credible evidence that it will jeopardize the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.”

Spencer, none too happy about his cancellation, responded with a twitter video slamming the University for its censorship. “Everything was going so well,” he said. “We were above board on everything, we filled out all the forms, I had already paid for a substantial amount of security, and I was ready to pay the fee for the auditorium itself.”

Despite the cancellation, Spencer will attempt to show up at Auburn anyway as an act of protest. “If Auburn University thinks that I’m going to back down because they cancelled on me, that I just going to politely go away, then they don’t know me at all,” he said. “I will 100 percent be on Auburn University’s campus at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18.”

Spencer initially planned to hold his event in James E. Foy Hall. He was scheduled to discuss the topics of the Trump presidency, Syria, identity, and the Alt-Right.

RELATED: Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer to visit Auburn University

Speaker censorship based on vague, or even more concrete, safety concerns has historically failed to pass constitutional muster with the U.S. Supreme Court. In the case of Terminiello v. City of Chicago, an anti-Semitic priest’s speech was shut down and he was arrested for attracting a literal mob outside of the venue. But the court found that mobs and popular opinion do not govern who can and cannot speak in the United States of America.

Justice William O. Douglass wrote:

Accordingly a function of free speech under our system of government is to invite dispute. It may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger. Speech is often provocative and challenging. It may strike at prejudices and preconceptions and have profound unsettling effects as it presses for acceptance of an idea.”

If he does indeed show, Spencer would not be the first controversial Alt-Right figure to visit a state school. Former Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos visited both Auburn and The University of Alabama last fall at the invitation of both schools’ College Republican groups.

1 year ago

POLL: Bipartisan majority of Alabamians support term limits

According to a new poll from McLaughlin & Associates, a whopping 84 percent of Alabama voters support a constitutional amendment to institute term limits for members of congress. Currently, representatives and senators can serve as long as they are continually reelected.

The survey revealed that 89 percent of Alabama Republican voters and 79 percent of state Democrats are in favor of term limits. It also showed that 81 percent of those questioned wanted their state representative to vote in favor of such a measure, while only 3 percent wanted it to be opposed.

“The public’s message is clear: it’s time for term limits on Congress,” said. Nick Tomboulides, Director of U.S. Term Limits. “They are overwhelmingly in favor of this common-sense reform.”

Results were calculated by surveying 400 likely general election voters registered in Alabama. The poll was conducted in March of 2016, and the process consisted of phone interviews conducted by researchers at McLaughlin.

Putting term limits on Congress would require a constitutional amendment because no such restriction exists in Article II. Article V of the U.S. Constitution outlines the amendment process, which can be done in one of two ways. The language of an Amendment can be drafted by either a convention of the states – called for by two-thirds of such – or by a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress. The amendment must then be approved by three-fourths of the states, which can be done by the state legislatures or special state ratifying conventions.

Originally, the Constitution did not contain term limits for the president, either. Every president prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt had honored the tradition established by George Washington of stepping aside after a second term. In 1951, presidential term limits where officially enshrined into the law with the Twenty-Second Amendment.

1 year ago

Former Bama football star won’t join Patriots at White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Linebacker Dont’a Hightower is no stranger to visiting the White House. During his time with the Alabama Crimson Tide, he visited the White House following the BCS National Championship victory in 2012. But since his time with the New England Patriots, he has been noticeably absent.

When the Super Bowl LI champions visit President Donald J. Trump, Hightower will not be joining them. Instead, he is content staying at home. “Been there, done that,” Hightower told After the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX by defeating the Seattle Seahawks, Hightower also skipped out on the visit to President Barack Obama.

While Hightower appears to be generally uninterested, some of his teammates are skipping the trip to make a political statement. Tight end Martellus Bennett and safety Devin McCourty have made clear that they do not care to meet President Trump.

Five-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady is a fan of Trump, as is future Hall-of-Fame Coach Bill Belichick. After their historic overtime win, President Trump congratulated both of them via Twitter.

Three days ago, the Super Bowl MVP posted a photo on Instagram, with a caption highlighting how sports works to bring different people together, rather than tearing them apart.

Tom Brady was also absent from the most recent White House visit, stating he wanted to spend time with his family.

1 year ago

Auburn students, faculty protest Trump’s immigration ban

AUBURN, Ala. — The widespread protests of President Donald J. Trump’s immigration ban have hit Alabama, where approximately 200 people marched in opposition to the restrictions at Auburn University last Thursday.

Students and teachers alike gathered to voice their displeasure with the president’s executive action up and down the University’s Haley Concourse. According to a report from oanow, the protest was organized by Auburn students on Facebook.

Two weeks ago, President Trump signed an executive order placing a ban refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Syria, and a 120-day ban on other refugees. White House Counsel has since issued a clarification indicating the order does not apply to current U.S. Green Card holders.

Several of the state’s public universities, including Auburn and Alabama, have released official statements noting that Trump’s order directly affects their faculty and student bodies. Such issues have left those on campus concerned.

“That’s when I realized that this is really a problem that affects a lot of people that we know,” Christine Cameron, one Auburn protest organizer, told oanow. “The response has been overwhelming.”

On Friday, a Federal Judge from Washington placed a nationwide stay on Trump’s order, halting any further action. The Trump Administration plans to appeal that decision in the near future.

“We are scientists, and we are not terrorists,” Iranian Auburn Student Mohamad Menati told oanow. “We are over here because we thought the United States is great, and we just thought we could have our own contribution to the United States.”


2 years ago

Trump taps Talladega College Band for Inaugural parade, outrages left


TALLADEGA, Ala. — President-Elect Donald J. Trump has released the list of groups performing in his Inauguration Day Parade, and like his administration, it has Alabama well represented. The marching band from Talladega College, America’s oldest private, historically black liberal arts college, will make an appearance alongside various other ensembles from around the country.

In total, There will be more than 8,000 parade participants representing forty organizations including high school and university marching bands, equestrian corps, first responders, and veterans groups.

“People from every corner of the country have expressed great interest in President-elect Trump’s inauguration and look forward to continuing a salute to our republic that spans more than two centuries,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee CEO Sara Armstrong. “As participants follow in the footsteps of our new president and vice president down Pennsylvania Avenue, they will be adding their names to the long list of Americans who have honored our country by marching in the inaugural parade.”

Talladega College opened in 1867 and was founded by two former slaves: William Savery and Thomas Tarrant. Today, the private HBCU has 1,500 students on its 50 acre campus. The band, known as The Great Tornado, was founded in 2012, and is the schools largest student organization with 200 members.

While other HBCU marching bands, such as Howard University, turned down President-Elect Trump’s invitation for political reasons, TC has not backed down. But, boy, is the left angry about it.

The Huffington Post compiled several tweets, including alumni, demonstrating the left’s outrage.

However, one TC student, Dollan Young, has started a petition to defend the band.

“As a supporter of the Talladega College Band I am in agreement that the Talladega College Band should participate in The 58th Presidential Inaugural Parade. We believe that this parade is not about politics…it’s about seeing first hand the process of a transition,” the petition reads. “It’s not to support [a] political party…its about the experience that the students will obtain. We are not one-track thinkers and believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. However we are in support of The United States of America.”

2 years ago

Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’ hates Alabama. Turns out the feeling is mutual.


New data reveals why no one in Alabama cares when The Daily Show ridicules the state, and it is because no one is watching. An analysis from The New York Times examining America’s cultural divide examined the most and least popular markets for specific television programs, including the Comedy Central mainstay. According the the numbers, The Daily Show is least popular in Alabama and most popular in San Francisco, Calif.

To draw their conclusions, the analysts at the NYT looked at how many active Facebook users in a given ZIP code “liked” certain TV shows and compared the numbers to different regions throughout the country.

“The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s news satire and talk show, typically has a politically liberal point of view,” the Times’ report reads. “It’s most popular in cities and other more liberal-leaning areas along the coasts. Peak popularity is in San Francisco; it’s least popular in Alabama.”

It is no surprise that Alabama viewers do not tune in to watch TDS. The program, now hosted by Trevor Noah, has an extensive track record of ridiculing and belittling the state for its culture and politics. While Alabama’s liberal sports blog swoons over each insult, Yellowhammer writers have turned down interviews with TDS because the show is simply irrelevant in the state.

(c/o The New York Time)
(c/o The New York Times)

TDS’s Alabama bashing has an extensive history, but here are some of the “greatest hits.”

• In 1999, John Stewart jabbed at Alabama’s past by saying “Under [Bill] Clinton’s new budget, Alabama’s waterways would get $95 million dollars. Water has become a crucial issue in Alabama, now that everyone is legally required to drink from the same fountains.”

• In 2003, when the state faced a budget crisis, Gov. Bob Riley (R) made the decision to cut spending instead of raising taxes. While mocking Alabama for being fiscally responsible, Stewart congratulated Alabama for being “first in shoelessness.”

• After it successfully proved to The U.S. Supreme Court that the preclearance mechanism in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was unconstitutional, Stewart slammed Alabama in 2014 and compared the state government to a sex offender who should have to get approval before moving near a school.

• Stewart made fun of Alabama Congressional Candidate Will Brooke for his ad where he literally shot holes in ObamaCare during the 2014 Republican AL6 Primary. “I wonder if we’ll see any new bill-shooting ads that will out bat-s*** the previous ones?” Stewart asked rhetorically.

• In a segment covering Alabama’s numerous political scandals in 2015, new host Trevor Noah interviewed Roy Wood, Jr., an Alabama native, who said, “Finally, there’s bad news coming out of Alabama, and black people aren’t involved!”

The Daily Show is not alone in poking fun at Alabama. Saturday Night Live recently aired a sketch where an unintelligent Alabama Football player was given preferential treatment by the University because of his on-field value. In reality, athletes for the Crimson Tide perform incredibly well in the classroom, as does the student body in general.

2 years ago

Liberal Yankees freak out when ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ played in a grocery store

(Photo: Matt Hebert)
(Photo: Matt Hebert)
(Photo: Matt Hebert)

BROOKLYN, NY — The 2016 election was a shock for liberal elites. They could not fathom how America could possibly vote for Donald J. Trump and shun the presumptive next President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Given the polling, predicting a Clinton victory was not ridiculous. If one trusting nothing but the polling data, a Clinton electoral college win seemed like a pretty safe bet. But Americans defied expectations at the polls, and Trump won several “blue” states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Overall, Trump carried 3084 counties and Clinton won just 57.

Ever since the decisive electoral defeat, liberals have retreated to their safe spaces of political correctness that likely lost them the election in the first place. Universities across the country postponed exams for students too “triggered” by Trump’s victory, and countless others took to the streets to ironically protest the legitimacy of the election.

Everything about Trump’s America has been deemed offensive by the ivory-tower left, and now they even need to be coddled when a southern rock classic is played. Yes: in 2016, it is apparently offensive to play “Sweet Home Alabama” in a public place.

David Marcus, a senior contributor to the conservative website The Federalist, detailed a trip he took to a Brooklyn, NY grocery store three days after the election with his wife. While shopping, the establishment played the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit over the sound system, confusing many of the customers. Almost immediately, the liberal patrons of the store began to pitch a hissy fit, and they demanded that the song but cut-off.

He wrote:

Libby [his wife] and I walked towards the organic maple syrup. That’s when it started. I suppose there had been music playing in the store, but I hadn’t noticed until a familiar guitar lick pierced the air and a soft voice said, “Turn it up.”

Libby and I both stopped and looked at each other. “Seriously?” said my wife, a very disappointed Clinton supporter. She started gripping her soft Tomme Crayeuse a little too hard. By the time Ronnie Van Zant’s drawl started in with “Big wheels keep on turnin’,” everyone in the store was standing in shock. Brows were furrowed, people mumbled to each other. The song seemed to get louder as one of those New York moments happened, when everyone was thinking the exact the same thing…

A woman in her fifties, wearing a Love Trump Hates button, turned to her Brooklyn-bearded husband and said loudly, “This is unbelievable!” She found the nearest store clerk, a young woman in a green apron who was staring up at the ceiling, looking for the invisible speakers blaring this message from the other America. “This is so inappropriate,” the woman said. “Can we turn this off?”

When the angry older woman with the anti-Trump button asked the clerk to turn off the song, the younger woman looked at her sympathetically and said, “I don’t know how.” In that moment, something seemed to click…

Of course, this woman thought that “Sweet Home Alabama” could just be turned off. After all, we can block out things we disagree with. We can unfriend people on Facebook, block them on Twitter, and decide not to let their negativity be a part of lives. For many progressives, this is the key to wellness.

But turning off Skynyrd doesn’t make it go away. Somewhere in the land where the stars still shine, it plays on, whether you hear it or not. The shock and despair in Brooklyn over Hillary Clinton’s unfathomable defeat comes in no small part because her denizens refused to hear the rumblings of an America they chose to ignore.

Long story short, be careful when playing “Sweet Home Alabama” outside of the confines of the Yellowhammer State. You might have the P.C. police come for you.

(h/t The Federalist)

2 years ago

Milo at UA: liberals want to take away your right to free speech

Milo Yannopoulos is scheduled to speak at the University of Alabama Oct. 10. (Photo: Screenshot)

Milo Yannopoulos is scheduled to speak at the University of Alabama Oct. 10. (Photo: Screenshot)
Milo Yannopoulos is scheduled to speak at the University of Alabama Oct. 10. (Photo: Screenshot)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — A Milo Yiannopoulos speech is not for the faint of heart. In the most politically incorrect way possible, the openly gay conservative provocateur stormed onto the campus of the University of Alabama Monday evening and delivered a speech loaded with Hillary Clinton zingers, praise for Donald Trump, and strong rebukes of the anti-speech left.

Yiannopoulos spoke to a sold-out crowd in the University’s Ferguson Center Theater at 7:00 p.m. The audience was jam-packed with Donald Trump supporters, many of whom donned their “Make America Great Again” caps.

Where Yiannopoulos goes, student protests follow. The tech editor for Breitbart has made his career out of sparking liberal outrage with his intentionally inflammatory statements.

When the tour stopped in at DePaul University earlier this year, two Black Lives Matter activists “stormed the stage, forcibly seized the microphone, and threatened to assault” Yiannopoulos. He was later banned from ever returning to the campus. At Rutgers University, feminists and Black Lives Matter supporters “smeared themselves with fake blood and tried to shut down the event in protest.”

Predictably, when the UA College Republicans invited Yiannopoulos to campus, left-leaning organizations were none-too-pleased. While the level of protest did not reach Depaul or Rutgers levels of absurdity, several students did stage a sit-in at Rose Administration building to protest Yiannopoulus’ ability to exercise the first amendment on public property.

“I think that other organizations on campus take care to respect certain groups on campus just to make sure that they invite speakers who are not going to directly insult anyone’s existence as is,” Maya Perry, student protestor, told UA’s student newspaper. ” I think it’s very irresponsible of the College Republicans to invite someone like this to speak knowing how insulting he is to certain marginalized people on campus.”

During the event itself, only one protester stood outside of the Ferguson center with an anti-Milo sign, whom Milo attempted to speak to after his talk concluded.

But Yiannopoulos had some very harsh words for students looking to restrict speech rights because of content and tone.

“We’re in a situation now where students can go to university and they come out dumber than when they went in. They are infantilized by safe-space and trigger-warning culture,” he said. “This evening, there is a safe space at Michigan University to protect the safety and emotional well-being of students from this dangerous f****t with the wrong opinions. That is insane.”

Yiannopoulos believes that the anti-speech environment at colleges and universities could “infect” the broader American culture. In the bulk of his speech, he discussed how this could take place and the perils of shifting the burden of internet regulation from the United States to the global community at large.

He noted that countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have abysmal records when it comes to protecting free speech, and their involvement in internet regulation could prove toxic.

“In the words of one of my Breitbart colleagues, we are giving up control of the internet so that Turkey has as much say as America,” he said. “We are doing that because Obama and friends thinks it is noble, that it is right to give all countries, no matter how despotic, a voice in managing the Internet.”

In Yiannopoulos’ opinion, the only way to protect free speech and put an end to political correctness is to elect Donald Trump President of the United States.

“It’s up to daddy [Trump], and to all of us, to fix this,” he said to thunderous applause.

As previously stated, Milo’s speeches are not for the faint of heart. The entire video is linked here: consider this your “trigger warning.”

2 years ago

Democrats call Alabama’s voter ID law ‘racist’ but require DNC delegates to show ID to vote

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — In a twist of irony, the Democratic National Convention is requiring delegates to show photo ID to receive their official credentials. While the Democrats require an ID to get into their convention, they have consistently fought against voter ID laws requiring citizens to show one when they vote.

During the 2011 Regular Legislative Session Governor Robert Bentley (R-Ala.) signed a voter ID law that went into full effect for the 2014 primary elections. Act 2011-673 requires an Alabama voter to have a specific type of photo identification at the polls in order to vote. Since that time, Democrats across the country have decried the law as “racist” and “hateful”.

The 2016 Democratic Party platform declares, “we will continue to fight against discriminatory voter identification laws, which disproportionately burden young voters, diverse communities, people of color, low income families, people with disabilities, the elderly, and women.” Yet, at their own convention, it seems like a different set of rules apply.

DNC voter ID

In an October 2015 visit to Hoover, Hillary Clinton slammed Alabama Republicans for requiring proof of citizenship to vote and for shuttering driver’s license offices in the wake of state budget cuts. The Democratic presidential nominee insisted that both issues were examples of Republicans trying to return Alabama to its Jim Crow past.

RELATED: Bentley and Clinton spar over whether Alabama Republicans are racists

“We have to defend the most fundamental right in our democracy, the right to vote,” she said. “No one in this state, no one, should ever forget the history that enabled generations of people left out and left behind to finally be able to vote.”

Before that, Vice President Joe Biden chided supporters of voter ID laws in light of liberal defeat in the Supreme Court case of Shelby County v. Holder which stemmed from a legal challenge in Alabama. “These guys never go away,” Biden said. “Hatred never, never goes away. The zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason.”

RELATED: Biden: There’s ‘hatred’ behind Alabama’s photo voter ID law

Shelby County, Ala. sued the U.S. Attorney General in 2011 claiming that portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the formula used to determine which areas were subjected to pre-clearance was unconstitutional, effectively gutting that portion of the law.

“Alabama has made tremendous progress over the past 50 years, and this decision by the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that progress,” Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said at the time. “We will not tolerate discrimination in Alabama.”

Despite calls of racism, Alabama’s implementation of the voter ID law does not seem to have suppressed turnout.

There are currently at least 10 different types of ID that are acceptable to use at the polls (including a driver’s license) and the Secretary of State’s office also offers free Alabama photo voter ID cards and free non-driver IDs for purposes of voting.

2 years ago

Liberal students protest famed conservative speaking at Alabama college in the name of tolerance

D'Souza slider

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — For the second time in two weeks, liberal students at an Alabama college are protesting a conservative speaker delivering remarks on their campus.

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, is slated to speak at BSC on Thursday, April 7, as part of the William M. Acker Jr. Visiting Lecture program and Birmingham Southern College students have launched a petition protesting that very speech. His guest lecture has been met with protests from both students an faculty.

The petition currently has 170 signatures and decries D’Souza as a man with an “extensive history of controversial statements and instances of insensitivity.” The protestors believe “that he will only debase the vital dialogue within our community that is necessary for learning. Mr. D’Souza’s use of hateful rhetoric will also demean and degrade vital shareholders within our community.”

Di’Souza is an Indian-American conservative political commentator and author. He has worked for various conservative organizations such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, and Policy Review.

In 2012, D’Souza released 2016: Obama’s America, a documentary film based on his 2010 book The Roots of Obama’s Rage. The film was the highest-grossing conservative documentary film produced in the United States.

His BSC lecture will be titled, “What’s So Great About America?”

Liberal students joining together to try to ban conservative speakers has become something of a pattern in recent years.

Most recently, a group at the University of Alabama-Huntsville has protested the university’s choice for commencement speaker this spring, but their attempts to force the university to make a change are being rebuffed.

After hearing that U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) had been tapped to deliver the commencement speech at UAH’s graduation ceremony in May, some students submitted a petition asking school officials to replace him.

The petition mainly cites Sessions’ conservative policy positions and ties to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump as the students’ reasons for why he should be removed from the program.

The petition against Senator Sessions has over 300 signatures, but UAH leaders are not considering making a change.

After several schools created “safe spaces” where only certain types of students could come and be “protected” from students with different perspectives, even President Barack Obama felt compelled to chastise liberal students for being closed minded.

“I’ve heard of some college campuses where they don’t want to have a guest speaker who is too conservative…” Obama said. “And I’ve got to tell you, I don’t agree with that… I don’t agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of view… Anybody who comes to speak to you that you disagree with, you should have an argument with them. But you shouldn’t silence them by telling them, ‘You can’t come because I’m too sensitive to hear what you have to say.’ That’s not the way we learn.”

D’Souza has not released an official comment on the issue, but he did take a jab on twitter. “I notice conservatives never try to ban liberal speakers on campus,” he wrote on Saturday. “We must be the tolerant ones.”

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4 years ago

10 things liberals think are racist, and 10 things they don’t — you decide

Earlier this week, Alabama State Rep. Alving Holmes, D-Montgomery, said on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives that he does not like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas because he’s married to a white woman, then went on to call him an “Uncle Tom.”

Numerous conservative national media outlets picked up on Holmes’ comments, but as usual, the liberal media ignored them. Of course, we all know what would have happened if a conservative had said those things. So it got us at Yellowhammer thinking, how exactly do liberals decide what’s racist and what’s not?

Here’s a handy guide…

10 Things Liberals Think are Racist

1. Opposing ObamaCare

opposing obamacare

2. Respecting the rule of law on immigration

Immigration racist

3. Criticizing the IRS


4. The Tea Party

tea party kkk

5. The 2013 government shutdown

race shutdown

6. Disagreeing with the president

disagree with president

7. Opposing Medicaid expansion


8. Supporting a black Republican

Herman Cain

9. School choice

school choice

10. Pointing out that more people are food stamps now then ever before

Reforming food stamps

10 Things Liberals Don’t Think are Racist

1. Calling a Supreme Court Justice an “Uncle Tom”

Alvin Holmes Uncle Tom

2. Anti-Semitism

Being antisemetic

3. Insinuating that being black means being poor and shining shoes

Being black means shining shoes

4. The phrase “negro dialect”

negro dialect

5. Racial slurs

Racial slurs

6. Stereotyping individuals of Indian descent

Racio stereotype Indians

7. Perpetuating racial stereotypes of black males


8. Wanting to kick individuals of Asian descent out of your community

Wanting asians out

9. Saying this about a black conservative…

black republican

10. Giving dirty looks to interracial couples

interracial couplesder_j

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5 years ago

Self-avowed socialist senator Bernie Sanders might run for president

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is 72-years-old and an avowed socialist who doesn’t even formally identify as a Democrat.

But he’s signaled that he may just be willing to run for president in 2016 if the field lacks a progressive voice.

If Hillary Clinton decides to embrace the policy menu of liberals, Sanders would likely render his own candidacy unnecessary.

The important qualifier there, though, is “if.”

“I don’t wake up every morning saying, ‘Oh my goodness, I really want to be president,’ ” Sanders, who calls himself a democratic socialist, said in an interview. “But somebody’s got to be out there, and if nobody is, I’ll do it.”

If nothing else, Sanders would make for rich and vibrant copy and his forceful, cantankerous manner would command media attention.

But many of these early warnings from the left may be more about planting a flag than prepping for a real campaign.

And it will be difficult to measure the seriousness of such promises until Clinton addresses her positions on some their most treasured issues like Social Security, economic inequality and Wall Street regulation.

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