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Sustainability, resiliency top trends in Alabama home buying

Sustainability and resiliency in homeownership are growing real estate trends.
Thoughtful home design offers buyers the opportunity for longevity and savings, but
where does one begin?

Ensuring homes can withstand major events by using durable materials limits waste
overtime. Getting into the nitty gritty for buyers can be overwhelming, that’s why hiring a
REALTOR ® is key. Expert REALTORS ® can help homebuyers navigate more than just
the list price of the home, but the overall cost of ownership as well.

Luke Williams with The Williams Group says “by keeping sustainability in mind, when
buying a home or building our homes, we are not only deciding how we impact the
planet but at times how we are impacting our wallet. Buying a home with more
sustainable windows, roofing, or even buying local materials can greatly affect power
usage, emissions from shipping, and more.”

As the market for real estate remains competitive, nuances are key to negotiating the
best purchase price for now and for the future. Additional ways homeowners can cut
costs with sustainability is by purchasing homes in neighborhoods with smart uses of
space like shared green spaces or gardens.

Hoover’s Knox Square, built by Signature Homes, strives to do this in its “urban meets suburban” layout that forgoes streets for shared green space in the front of homes with accessible alleyways in the back to keep traffic flowing. The shared green spaces cut costs for homeowners when it comes to landscaping maintenance.

When using a REALTOR ® “who is sustainability-minded, they will help you find a home
that saves you money and also helps lower your environmental footprint. It’s a win-win,”
says Williams.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Bob Goldberg is expected to speak at NAR’s Sustainability Summit in September. This summit provides an opportunity to explore progress and market transformation related to sustainability so that REALTORS® nationally are among the most up-to-date and educated representatives in their communities.

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