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‘Sessions voted against veterans!’ Not so fast

Sen. Jeff Sessions speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)
Sen. Jeff Sessions speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

I miss Left in Alabama, they were my favorite political blog for a while but they disappeared in irrelevancy.

Here is why I loved them…

Sessions was one of only 3 senators to vote against the Jeffers/McCain bill (which would, according to USA Today, allow veterans to seek care from private providers if they face long wait times at Veterans Affairs facilities). His reasoning was simple: we had plenty of money to fight two wars “off the books” and add billions to the debt; too bad there’s nothing left to take care of the people who were injured during the fighting.

Man, he must hate the troops!

Oh wait… (From USA Today)

Sessions made a point of order against an “emergency” designation provision that would keep the legislation from being limited by budget restrictions. Congress is not allowed to create legislation that would add to the federal deficit without subtracting money from elsewhere. The emergency designation allows Congress to bypass the budget rules. Sanders moved to waive the the point of order.

Oh, he wanted to follow the law…

What a monster.

He did not vote against veterans, he voted against more debt.

Sen. Sessions simply wanted to pay for this provision.

Let’s keep in mind, all this does is put more money in to a broken program and does nothing to address the the actual issue at hand.

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