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Sessions implores Republicans to vote: ‘Conservative leadership is working for Alabama’

In preparation for election day Nov. 4th, the Alabama Republican Party is using Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as its spokesperson in hopes of driving voters to the polls in what is expected to be a low-turnout election.

Sessions cut two television ads and a radio spot paid for by the state GOP, all of which are now running statewide and include the unique brand of populist conservatism that has made him a rising star nationally.

“Conservative Republican leadership is working for Alabama,” Sessions says in two of the three ads, “growing the economy, increasing the employment rolls, strengthening the middle class.

“President Obama’s policies are not working,” Sessions says in contrast. “They’re making things worse.”

It’s a simple, yet effective message that is likely to resonate in Alabama, where polling shows that even voters who have been Democrats for decades are opposed to the president’s agenda.

In the first television ad, Sessions encourages voters to “send a message that Republican leadership is right for Alabama and America.”

In the second television ad — the only one in which Sessions does not mention his signature issue, immigration — Alabama’s junior U.S. senator encourages voters to re-elect Republicans on the state level, who he says are “reforming state government, eliminating waste, giving us more economic growth and more good paying jobs.”

But it’s the radio spot that may contain the most effective messaging of the three ads.

Sessions runs down a list of conservative priorities, from shrinking the government and putting people back to work, rather than on government assistance, to blocking amnesty and upholding “middle class values.”

Here’s the transcript:

I’m Senator Jeff Sessions.

It’s time Washington follows Alabama’s commonsense, conservative values. In Alabama, we’re focused on growing the economy, not the government. We strive to lift people to the employment rolls, not welfare rolls. We respect hard work and the need to strengthen our middle class values.

Obama’s policies are not working, in fact they’re making things worse.

I’m fighting for a lawful system of immigration that serves the American worker, not the financial elites. Here in Alabama, conservative Republican leadership is reforming state government, eliminating waste, delivering more jobs and higher wages.

I’m asking you to vote for me and our strong Republican leadership that’s turning Alabama around. Your vote is critical on November 4th.

Sessions is possibly the most well-known Republican in the state and is so popular that his U.S. Senate race is the only one in the country in which Democrats did not even bother to field a candidate. That makes him the ideal spokesperson for the Party’s efforts to drive voters to the polls.

In a mid-term election without a competitive gubernatorial race to drive interest, Democrats’ only hope in many of the down-the-ballot races is for Republicans to stay home on election day. With Sessions taking the lead role in getting out the vote, the chances of that happening are very likely to go down.

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