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Sessions flanked by law enforcement officers: ‘We will not yield’ on illegal immigration

(Video Above: Sen. Jeff Sessions speaks at a press conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014)

WASHINGTON — Flanked by leaders from the U.S. law enforcement community, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) on Wednesday held a press conference on Capitol Hill to send a message to the President and members of Congress — including those in his own Party — that he does not intend to waver in his mission to roll back the President’s executive order on immigration.

“Three weeks ago, the President issued an executive order nullifying the federal immigration laws of the United States,” Sessions said. “President Obama’s executive amnesty gives 5 million illegal immigrants. It provides work permits, photo ID’s, Social Security, Medicare, and free tax credits – taking jobs and benefits directly from struggling Americans and lawful immigrants… These Sheriffs are here to tell you how the President’s illegal amnesty devastates American communities and law enforcement.”

The group of Sheriffs included Texas Sheriff’s Association President Andy Louderback; Arizona Sheriff’s Association President Paul Babeu; and the Co-Chair of the National Sheriffs Association Committee on Immigration, Sam Page, among others.

Page predicted that the President’s executive order will result in another surge of illegal immigration across the country’s southern border, similar to the one earlier this year, which resulted in a humanitarian crisis at the border.

“You’re going to see a surge, just like you saw this summer down in Texas,” he said. “You’re going to see more people coming into the United States because the message that our government… is pumping out to Central America and Mexico is this: if you come to America and you do not commit any more offenses you can stay, you won’t be deported.”

As lawmakers on the other side of Capitol Hill inched closer to a deal on a $1.1 trillion longterm spending bill that would fund the government but not immediately defund the President’s immigration plan, as Sessions has called for, Alabama’s junior senator summed up his group’s message with a defiant pledge.

“So I have a message today to every leader in Congress, to every official in the White House, and to President Obama: we are going to fight this illegal amnesty and we are not going to stop,” Sessions declared. “We are going to carry out the mission the voters sent us here to do. We are not going to give in. We are not going to yield. We are going to stand strong for the American people.”

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