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Rogers to Obama Administration: Come Clean!

Above: Rep. Mike Rogers calls on the Obama Administration to “come clean.”

WASHINGTON – Earlier this week Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers used his time in a one-minute speech on the House floor to call for more accountability from the White House in the wake of the rash of controversies that has hit the Obama administration in recent weeks.

Rogers reference the president’s handling of last year’s terrorist attack on Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service’s admission it inappropriately targeted tea party groups and the aggressive tactics used by the Department of Justice in investigating leaks and whistle-blowers.

“Where’s the accountability?” Rogers said. “From Benghazi to the IRS to the Justice Department monitoring reporter emails, the trust Americans should have in their government is being shaken, and for good reason. It’s unfortunate we’re spending time and resources searching for answers from our own leaders.”

Much like the appeal he made in a press release his office issued a week ago, Rogers laid out the unresolved questions and called on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign from his post.

“Americans have questions like, ‘Has the president been completely transparent about the Benghazi attacks? Who ordered the IRS to target conservative groups? Were more reporters monitored by the Justice Department — more than just the AP and Fox News? Did Attorney General Eric Holder mislead the U.S. Congress? Because of his failed leadership on this and other scandals like Fast and Furious, I’ve called on Eric Holder to resign. The buck has to stop somewhere. It’s time for the Obama administration to come clean to the American people,” Rogers said.

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