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Rogers’ report from Washington: The witch hunt continues as work in Washington stops

WASHINGTON, D.C. — What a waste of time. Any and all work on behalf of the American people has come to a screeching halt as House Democrats continue their push their impeachment hoax.

After holding secret meetings behind closed doors, that all Americans and most members of Congress were denied entry, Democrats are set to hold public hearings.

Chairman Adam Schiff, who is running the show for Nancy Pelosi, has demonstrated time and again that he has a hard time with truth, fairness and openness when it comes to a transparent hearing.

So far, the only information leaked from House Democrats to the Fake News media outlets is partial versions of hearsay that help them control the narrative.

We all know what this impeachment hoax is all about. It is about overturning the 2016 election. As soon as Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, Democrats started calls for impeachment over nothing more than they were unwilling to accept that Hillary Clinton lost.

Even as our country has dealt with the most recent impeachment sham, Nancy Pelosi called for the impeachment inquiry a day before the transcript between Trump and Zelensky was released. How did she even know what they said?

Now, here we are, after the Russian hoax, the Mueller report and now the impeachment hoax, House Democrats have accomplished nothing for the American people. In fact, they’ve issued more subpoenas than passed laws.

Congress has yet to pass the USMCA which would be great for Alabama, Congress has yet to lower prescription drug costs which would also be great for folks across our state and Congress has yet to fund our military and take care of those who protect our freedoms.

As this dog and pony show goes on without merit, I hope the American people can see that another dead-end witch hunt won’t change the outcome of the election and won’t help our country. Shame on House Democrats. I will continue to proudly stand with President Trump.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers is a Republican from Saks.